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Many fans were surprised that Mike Rowe’s mother Peggy gave her new book such a raunchy title, calling it “Vacuuming in the Nude: And Other Ways to Get Attention.” Now, Mike and Peggy are speaking out to reveal the meaning behind this interesting title. 

‘We’ve Created A Monster’

At the age of 84, this is Peggy’s third book. Her first was released back in 2018 when she was 80 years old. 

“My mom has written every single day for the last 60 years. To this day when she goes out in public, she has her yellow legal pad,” Mike explained to Fox News. “She interviews strangers and she writes down their stories. She became a bestselling author at 80 and ever since…we’ve created a monster.”

Peggy, who describes herself as a “bar virgin,” went on “Jesse Watters Primetime” with her son last night to promote their upcoming book special “America’s Grandmother,” which will air on Sunday and features her visiting a bar for the very first time.

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Peggy Reveals Meaning Behind Book Title

Peggy said last night that she wants readers to know that her “Vacuuming in the Nude” title is a metaphor. 

“I’ve been writing for many years and writers use a lot of different methods to get attention from publishers and readers,” she explained. “I didn’t actually do this, but a friend did, and then afterward…”

Stopping there, Peggy turned to Mike and asked quietly, “Can I tell him?”

When Mike encouraged her to do so, Peggy turned back to guest host Sean Duffy and said, “Afterward, her husband would join her in the shower.”

“Oh Peggy, this is getting salacious,” Duffy responded.

Watch Peggy give her full explanation for the book’s title in the video below.

When he isn’t helping his mother promote her books, Mike stays busy hosting “How America Works” on the Fox Business Network. This show profiles hardworking Americans who are going above and beyond to keep our infrastructure in working order. On the program, Mike takes deep dives into everything from casinos to oil to airports.

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Mike On Inflation Reduction Act

Mike also regularly comments on politics, appearing on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning to slam the political rhetoric behind Democrats’ massive spending bill. 

“Now, if the Inflation Reduction Act truly reduces inflation, then we can start with a conversation about the nuts and bolts of the bill,” Mike said. “But we’ve come to the point where nothing actually means what it says. And that gets us into an emperor’s new clothes kind of mentality, where it’s not one kid in the crowd going, Hey, that guy’s naked.”

“It’s the whole country going, ‘Wait. Again with this? Again with the name of a thing that doesn’t seem to reflect the thing?'” he added. “And so we got to peel back the layers and we have to look at it. And then we have to have the conversation: how does this impact the middle class? What the heck do I know? If it lives up to its name, it’ll impact them in a positive way. If it doesn’t, it’s another pie in the face.’

Check out Mike’s full comments on this in the video below.

Good for Peggy for raising Mike to have such a good head on his shoulders! We can’t wait to read her new book, and we look forward to seeing more of Mike on “How America Works.”

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