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A renowned royal expert is speaking out this week to claim that Meghan Markle is “bitter” over the fact that she failed to make the royal family go “woke” after her marriage to Prince Harry.

‘Odd Time’ For Meghan And Harry To Visit UK

The New York Post reported that a spokesperson for Meghan and Harry revealed earlier this week that the pair will be visiting both the United Kingdom and Germany next month for three charity events. Royal expert Angela Levin, who has written a biography about Harry, responded to this announcement by saying that this is an “odd time” for them to visit home soil. 

“Harry and Meghan coming to UK for ‘charities close to their hearts.’ Will the Queen be in Balmoral, and William in USA for Earthshot? Is this part of an attempt at an alternative Royal Family?” Levin tweeted Monday. “Odd time otherwise before H’s ‘bombshell’ memoir.”

“Surely if anyone is scared for their safety, they should keep what they are doing and where secret. Otherwise it’s more hypocrisy,” she later added. 

Levin went on to tell Daily Mail that Meghan and Harry are “very determined to show that their way is the best way.”

“I’ve thought for a long time that Harry and Meghan are trying to create an alternative woke royal family, the grandeur and the pomp and circumstance that surrounds them,” she said. “They are people who are very determined to show that their way is the best way.”

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Meghan ‘Feels Enormous Bitterness’

Not stopping there, Levin went on to say that Meghan “doesn’t like losing” and “feels enormous bitterness and resentment towards the royal family for not letting her modernize the royal family.” She added that for people who don’t want to be royals, Meghan and Harry are “hanging on to their titles very, very tightly.”

“When Meghan goes anywhere, she always uses her royal title,” she continued. “Now, why do that if you don’t actually like the royal family and you wanted to get shot of them?”

Levin stated that she feels that this is all part of a bigger plan that Meghan and Harry have hatched. 

“So that’s why I think there’s a big plot and a plan to show how awful the [Royal Family] are,” she said. “And I think that in Prince Harry’s books, and in that terrible interview with Oprah Winfrey, was trying to smash the Royal Family and the monarchy down.”

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Harry And Prince William’s Rift

This comes as the rift between Harry and his older brother Prince William appears to be bigger than ever.

“I don’t know whether William would like to make amends with Harry. I think it’s very difficult and certainly not before his memoir comes out because we don’t know what he’s going to say,” Levin said. “[Harry’s] been very unkind and cruel so far. We have to wait to see what he does and maybe they won’t want to see them until all that’s out in the open and they know what he says.”

Meghan and Harry shocked the world back in 2020 when they stepped down as senior royals and moved across the world to her home state of California. Since then, they have reportedly bashed the royal family publicly, so Levin may be on to something when she says that Meghan is “bitter.” 

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