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The pressure of taping a live show every day appears to be getting to Joy Behar, as the 79 year-old allegedly recently snapped on an audience member on the set of the ABC talk show “The View” simply because the woman asked for a photo.

Behar Lashes Out At Audience Member

An eyewitness who was at the taping for the Tuesday, July 26 show told OK! Magazine that Behar and her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin when a member of the audience asked Goldberg for a photo.

Before Goldberg could answer the woman, Behar reportedly screamed “no!” before citing COVID-19 protocols as her reasoning.

While Goldberg did end up taking a socially-distanced photo with the woman, this did not sit well with Behar, who proceeded to have a meltdown. 

“Look at what you started!” Behar allegedly screamed at the woman. 

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Turning Point USA Scandal For ‘The View’

This comes at a stressful time on “The View,” as Behar and Goldberg had just found themselves in trouble for referring to conservative group Turning Point USA as “Nazis” live on air.

“Neo-Nazis were out there in front of the conference with antisemitic slurs and, you know, the Nazi swastika and a picture of a so-called Jewish person with exaggerated features, just like Goebbels did during the Third Reich,” Behar said in the episode that was filmed on Monday, July 25. 

Turning Point USA fired back by sending ABC News a cease and desist letter in which the group threatened to take legal action if the show did not issue a retraction and apology. 

“The lawyers at the show called a mandatory staff meeting after getting the letter. Everybody, from Whoopi Goldberg to the interns had to attend,” an insider claimed. “It was made clear that the show had been up in legal jeopardy and that this was unacceptable.”

“Every single host around the table is wearing an earpiece and getting verbal notes from producers and lawyers are the show goes on,” the source added. “Whoopi and Joy’s outrageous comments were flagged by lawyers right away in real-time. Yet, they continued.”

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‘The View’ Apologizes

“The View” ultimately issued an apology, although it was co-host Sara Haines who had to give it, rather than Behar or Goldberg.

“On Monday we talked about the fact that there were openly neo-Nazi demonstrators outside the Florida Student Action Summit of the Turning Point USA group,” Haines said at the start of last Wednesday’s show, according to Decider. “We want to make clear that these demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by Turning Point USA.”

“A Turning Point USA spokesman said the group ‘100 percent condemns those ideologies’ and said Turning Point USA security tried to remove the neo-Nazis from the area but could not because they were on public property,” she added. “Also, Turning Point USA wanted us to clarify that this was a Turning Point USA Summit, and not a Republican Party event. So, we apologize for anything we said that may have been unclear on these points.”

However, this did not satisfy Turning Point USA, who said through a spokesperson, “Whoopi (Goldberg) is the one who said it. She should be the one to offer the apology.”

It seems that the pressure of this entire situation got to Behar and resulted in her lashing out at a fan. As she prepares to turn 80 later this year, perhaps it’s time for Behar to take a break from TV, as we could certainly use a break from her spewing her ignorant liberal propaganda every day!

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