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We previously reported that Joy Behar was absent from “The View” all last week for unknown reasons. When she returned to the panel this week, the 79 year-old revealed the real reason behind her absence. 

Backstory: Whoopi Goldberg Has Bizarre Excuse For Why Joy Behar Has Been Missing

‘I Had A Virus’

Yahoo News reported that Behar revealed that she was absent from the show due to an illness that she alleged was not COVID-19. 

“I’m here to remind everybody, there are diseases out there besides COVID,” she said. “I had a virus, that’s it, a really strong virus. I tested negative in five PCR tests. I did not have it. I still have never had it, but I’m a little worried about getting it now.”

Behar went on to say that she was taken care of during her illness by her husband and her dog. She’s been married to her second husband Steve Janowitz since 2011, but they had dated for nearly thirty years before that, according to Closer Weekly

“My husband was very good. He took care of me,” she said. “And my dog never left my side while I was in bed. I did not eat for four days. I was sick and I just didn’t get out of bed.”

Watch Behar’s full comments on this below. It should be noted that her co-host Sara Haines was also absent from “The View” last week, but she has admitted that she was gone due to testing positive for COVID-19. 

Last week, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg had bizarrely said that Behar might be “pregnant” as she struggled to explain her absence from the show. 

“Sara’s still out with COVID. Joy does not have COVID,” Goldberg said last week, according to Decider. “She’s getting over something else, the flu, or maybe she’s pregnant, I don’t know.”

Behar’s Liberal Propaganda 

Behar appears to have made a full recovery, as she’s already back to spewing liberal propaganda like it’s her job (which it kind of is) on the ABC talk show. 

“I feel as though the world is on a suicide mission, you know, with climate change,” Behar said on one episode this week. “Between the guns and the climate, we are in trouble, and people have their heads in the sand!”

Behar went on to blame this on Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and the Republican Party.

“Manchin is citing inflation as the reason he doesn’t want higher taxes, and he doesn’t want that money circulating for climate change,” she continued. “But he did vote for every single one of the military budgets over the last decade – over $9 trillion. He voted for that. So when it comes to the military budget, inflation goes out the window as far as Manchin and the Republican Party are concerned.”

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Haines Agrees

Haines, who was also out last week, was quick to agree with her. 

“We’ve got too much dirty money in D.C. because the energy companies are paying out in big ways,” Haines said. “We know that Senator Manchin has received a ton of money. He comes from West Virginia, that happens to be a coal-producing state. And in the name of saying he’s protecting his constituents, one, he’s being dishonest speaking to science.”

All the permanent co-hosts of “The View” have been liberal since Meghan McCain left the show last summer. That’s why there’s typically nobody to challenge Behar when she spews her liberal nonsense each day. Sad!  

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