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August may have only just started yesterday, but while the rest of us are trying to savor a few more weeks of summer, the 96-year-old comedic legend Dick Van Dyke is already ready for Halloween and the spooky season!

Van Dyke Ready For Halloween

The former Mary Poppins star took to Instagram on Friday night to post a video of himself knocking on the door and looking through the window eagerly of what appeared to be a closed Spirit Halloween store.

“There’s somebody in there all right, but…” Van Dyke lamented as he put his hands around his face so that he could see into the store better, and whoever was taking the video could be heard laughing at his  antics.

The song “This Is Halloween” from the Disney movie The Nightmare Before Christmas played in the background over the video, which also featured a blinking jack-o’-lantern and creepy yellow eye emojis.


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The New York Post reported that the video quickly went viral, with social media users everywhere getting a big kick out of it!

“Come on now, @SpiritHalloweenSomebody please let American Treasure [Van Dyke] into the go—mn Halloween store!!!” one user commented. 

“Open JUST FOR HIM IMMEDIATELY,” another wrote alongside a gif of a much younger Van Dyke clapping enthusiastically. 

“Imagine not knowing a legend is at the door…” a third user commented, with another writing, “The man is a national treasure…LET HIM IN!!!”

Spirit Halloween stores are known for selling Halloween costumes, decorations, and pretty much anything else that one would need for the spooky season. They pop up in vacant retail spaces all over America in the lead-up to Halloween on October 31, but they all have different opening dates.

For Van Dyke’s sake, we hope the Spirit Halloween store in his area opens soon because he’s clearly ready to go! Van Dyke is known for being a huge Halloween fan, as he has celebrated the holiday for over half a century by turning his home into a haunted house. 

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Van Dyke’s Halloween Decorations

Last year, the prop company Distortions Unlimited posted a YouTube video in which they showed off Van Dyke’s Halloween decorations at his home, which included full-size animatronics, ghoulish actors, and even a giant head of Van Dyke looking like a ghost as his mouth read out Vincent Price’s dialogue from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” which the comedian recorded himself.

“That sounds great!” Van Dyke said as he listened to the recording. “God, that is a masterpiece!”

“I started doing Halloween 50 years ago,” Van Dyke said as he had lunch with the Distortions Unlimited crew at his home earlier in the day. “And I made this Frankenstein head. Looked pretty good, I sculpted it out of clay. We were doing it in the garage. I had it laid out on a table and this little boy from next door, 5 years old, would come over after school and watch me making it.” 

The former “Dick Van Dyke Show” star added that he put an Erector Set motor inside the Frankenstein so its chest would move up and down, adding in a tape of creepy breathing sounds.  

“And he was there for all of it,” Van Dyke said of the little boy. “And when I finally got it done, turned on the blue light, turned on everything and he screamed!”

Check out this full video for yourself below.

It’s nice to see that as he prepares to turn 97 earlier this year, Van Dyke is still taking so much joy out of life! We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the public for Halloween this year. 

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