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Things went off the rails on the ABC talk show “The View” earlier this week when Whoopi Goldberg snapped at her co-host Joy Behar and was forced to eventually cut her off.

Goldberg Cuts Off Behar

Goldberg and Behar are both shameless liberals, so it’s rare that the two of them disagree. However, that’s exactly what happened during a segment about the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade. 

The Sun reported that as Behar blasted Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Goldberg stared blankly at the camera before rolling her eyes in frustration. Finally, Goldberg was left with no choice but to cut Behar off, as it was time to go to a commercial. 

“The only way you’re going to know what she’s talking about is if we come back,” Goldberg said to viewers. She then addressed Behar directly, saying, “And you explain what you’re talking about. Nobody knows.”

“We’ll be right back,” Whoopi said as she shook her head in disbelief, with Behar saying, “They know.”

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Goldberg had also cut Behar off earlier in the week after she defended President Joe Biden for bumping fists with the Saudi crown prince. 

“Hold on, hold on – we’ll get to that when we come right back cause they just stopped me,” Goldberg said as she rolled her eyes and looked down at her notes. 

Behar Missing From ‘The View’

Behar had been out all last week with a mysterious virus, and Goldberg had bizarrely joked that she was missing because she was “pregnant.”

“Sara’s still out with COVID. Joy does not have COVID,” Goldberg said last week, according to Decider. “She’s getting over something else, the flu, or maybe she’s pregnant, I don’t know.”

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Goldberg was referring to their co-host Sara Haines, who was also absent last week. When Behar returned on Monday, she revealed the true reason behind her own absence.

“I’m here to remind everybody, there are diseases out there besides COVID,” Behar said. “I had a virus, that’s it, a really strong virus. I tested negative in five PCR tests. I did not have it. I still have never had it, but I’m a little worried about getting it now.”

‘I’m The Virgin Mary’

“My husband was very good. He took care of me,” she added. “And my dog never left my side while I was in bed. I did not eat for four days. I was sick and I just didn’t get out of bed.”

“Didn’t we tell people she was pregnant?” Haines said in response. “Well, congratulations!”

“Thank you, I’m the Virgin Mary,” Behar joked. She then addressed Haines to say, “You had Covid but I did not.”

Despite the fact that Behar is turning 80 later this year, she has no plans to retire from “The View” anytime soon, as she recently signed another three-year contract with ABC that is set to expire in 2025. Should Goldberg also decide to stay with the show, she and Behar might want to try to get along with one another better in the future, as their tension is becoming increasingly palpable to fans. 

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