Triple H Talk With Talent, More Bad News For Vince McMahon

Triple H Talks Talent
Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

With Vince McMahon stepping down, the WWE recently announced that Triple H will take over as head of creative. Before this week’s Monday Night RAW hit the airwaves, The Game held a meeting to talk to talent about how he wants to run the show.

Triple H Talk With Talent

HHH now leading WWE creative was announced the morning of Monday, July 25th. With Monday Night RAW at Madison Square Gardens, According to Fightful Select, the Game took the opportunity to speak to talent before the show went underway.

During the RAW meeting, he told superstars he wants open lines of communication between them and himself. The buzz is that the meeting went well.

Triple H Talk With Talent: Work Should Be Fun

Hunter’s meeting seemed to create a lot of optimism around the change in creative management. HHH led the meeting and vowed transparency moving forward.

This was something some talents didn’t feel during the previous leadership. Plus, Trips also told talent he wants work to be fun.

It’s been said that in recent years, face-to-face time with Vince McMahon had dwindled significantly. Offering talent the chance to speak to the head of creative is a major step in a positive direction.

Last night’s RAW was pretty solid. Unlike the usual promo opening, fans were treated to a brawl between newly-acquired Logan Paul and The Miz.

Speaking of HHH, his father-in-law, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, continues to be surrounded by scandal. While Vince abruptly retired from the company just last week, more bad news on WWE’s former CEO is on the horizon.

More Bad News For Vince McMahon

According to Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez, another damaging Wall Street Journal article could be released sometime this week. Plus, the HBO Sports story will also blow the top off VKM’s extramarital affairs with former WWE talent, back in the day.

Triple H Talks Talent

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As per a new Variety report, WWE will revise financial statements all the way from 2019. It’s for $14.6 million in “certain payments” made by Mr. McMahon (as WWE’s CEO and Chairman) that have been counted as corporate expenses.

This change was revealed via an SEC filing, recently. It just seems as if the scandals keep mounting against Vince.

Time For A New Era?

Vince McMahon bought the WWE (then WWF) in the early ‘80s. He’d transform a wrestling company into the sports entertainment conglomerate it is today.

He worked with talent on the creative front, transforming mere wrestlers into larger-than-life superstars. From Hulk Hogan to Randy Savage, Steve Austin, The Rock, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, and more, these names have become icons in pop culture and mainstream audiences.

With that said, VKM retired from the WWE this past Friday. Nick Khan and daughter Stephanie have stepped into his CEO role, while son-in-law HHH has taken the reigns of creative.

At the age of 77, it was long overdue for McMahon to step aside. But it seems like, even though he may not have been ready, it’s time for a new era in the WWE.

Unfortunately, old secrets have seemingly caught up with Vince, in the form of this hush-hush money scandal (and more). It’s hard to say what will happen next, and what more information will surface, so WNZ fans should stay tuned.