Ridge Holland’s Apology To Big E, Billy Gunn Wants Friend In AEW

After accidentally breaking his neck, check out Ridge Holland’s apology to Big E. Plus, Billy Gunn wants an old WWE friend to join him in AEW.

Ridge Holland’s Apology To Big E

After executing a move that resulted in a tragic injury to a fellow Superstar, check out Ridge Holland’s apology to Big E.

Big E, of course, is the former WWE Champion who suffered a broken neck on live television earlier in 2022.

The injured WWE Superstar is out of action for quite a while. After a recent checkup, we learned that he is out at least until March of 2023.

Recently interviewed by ESPN, Big E maintained his amazingly positive outlook and attitude.

While other athletes could hold a grudge against the person responsible for breaking their neck…that is not what Big E has done.

He mentioned that Ridge Holland had reached out, early and often, to apologize and wish him well.

source: @ridgewwe, twitter, screenshot

Holland was one of the first to visit him in the hospital.

And, Ridge Holland’s apology to Big E also included a nice gesture.

Even if it was one that Big E doesn’t actually need or use.

Holland gifted Big E a big box of red meat.

Big E, however, does not eat it. So the WWE Superstar re-gifted it to a friend, who enjoyed it on Big E’s behalf.

In spite of the fact he doesn’t eat meat, Big E was grateful for the gesture, and holds no ill will against his peer.

Billy Gunn Wants Friend In AEW

So many people have landed in the new promotion, and now Billy Gunn wants an old WWE friend and partner to join him in AEW.

It should be no surprise then, that Gunn wants the Road Dogg to join him in AEW.

Now, in case you forgot, WWE released Road Dogg earlier, as part of the crazy NXT re-structure.

That was one of many moves believed to be WWE’s way of scrubbing Triple H’s influence from the former black and gold brand.

While Hunter was out, Road Dogg was one of many of Hunter’s hires to get released. And, ironically, now Triple H is back involved with NXT.

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

In spite of being back, Road Dogg has not been brought back into the fold.

And, while Billy Gunn has lobbied for Road Dogg to join him in AEW, thus far his efforts have failed.

It is not clear if he was campaigning for Dogg to land in AEW rehashing his agent role from WWE…or if Gunn was thinking of an in-ring return.

Given Tony Khan’s knack for collecting former WWE talent, Dogg would seem to be a fit.

One would think a New Age Outlaws reunion could appeal as a nostalgia act for AEW, and it would not be their first.

However, thus far, Khan and AEW have not exhibited much interest in bringing the former WWE Superstar and agent into the mix.

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