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Huge Change At NXT 2.0 – Triple H Is Back

Triple H has returned to NXT according to a report. Here's what we think that means and what the reaction is

The changes at WWE roll on. Vince is out as CEO, Stephanie is in charge, and The Game is back. After months away following a potential restructure and major healthcare, reports are in that Triple H is back in charge of NXT.

This is great on multiple fronts. First, it is a miracle that Trips is healthy enough to be back on the job after nearly dying due to heart failure. 

Will NXT Change? 

And second, I loved Triple H’s NXT. For all its flaws, the OG Black & Gold brand was fun with a bit of an edge. NXT 2.0 certainly retains that edge, but now is more about developing characters than being WWE’s answer to AEW and indie wrestling. 

 I really like how NXT is right now. I’ve always been more a fan of character-focused wrestling than “work rate.” 

Reactions To Triple H Returning To NXT

Master Troll and bad guy Grayson Waller chimed in.

Some people want NXT back to the old days. 

Could we see a new champion?

I’m all for fantasy booking, but let’s not get carried away folks.

Share your thoughts on Triple H returning to NXT in the comment section below.

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