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A heartbreakingly beautiful video is going viral this week showing officers with the Shreveport Police Department gather to say goodbye to a K-9 named Shadow as the dog took his final walk before being put down.

Officers Say Goodbye To Shadow 

KTBS reported that Shadow spent almost eight years working in narcotics and criminal apprehension with his beloved handler, Cpl. Andrew Presley. Though he eventually had to retire due to medical issues, Shadow still enjoyed the next three years with his human family. 

“In his 3 years of retirement Shadow enjoyed laying in the sun, playing fetch with family, chasing rabbits, rough housing with his sister dog, an Australian Shepherd, Harley, and was once sprayed by a skunk. Though he didn’t care much for baths, he very much wanted the ones that followed the skunk smell,”Cpl. Presley recalled. 

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Sadly, Shadow had been battling some medical issues in the final months of his life, including a tumor on his spleen. 

“In the last several months, as his condition began to deteriorate quicker, Shadow mostly laid on his bed and rested, moving about slowly for feeding times and going out.”

Video of the officers’ final goodbye to Shadow before the K-9 “crossed the rainbow bridge” has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 12 million times on Facebook in just three days. Check out the emotional video for yourself below.

Social Media Users Sound Off 

Social media users can’t get enough of the powerful video.

“So sweet how he pauses at each person and rests against them as they love on him. So emotional! Prayers for Cpl Presley and all that loved Shadow,” one user commented, with another adding, “The way he leaned his whole body into each of them like a hug ? we don’t deserve dogs.”

“Thanks for your loyal service, watching this it’s like he leans in and cuddles each one to say goodbye, sadly your days are over, and now out of pain, go run and play with your mates over the Rainbow bridge RIP K9 Shadow,” commented a third user. A fourth person wrote, “RIP Shadow. Thank you for your service. Prayers to Cpl Presley and all the officers that knew Shadow. Thank you for honoring him in such a beautiful way. This is just one more example of how cops are human too.”

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‘What A Beautiful Baby’

“Shadow- what a beautiful baby!! Seems like the perfect name,” wrote another social media user. “He just leans into and smears his love over every single person there!! One of the sweetest tributes I’ve ever seen!! Now Shadow, you can keep watch from atop, where you will always be safe. ”

K-9’s are often the unsung heroes of law enforcement, as like human police officers, these dogs are putting their lives on the line every day to protect the rest of us. We can only hope that Shadow was aware of just how loved he was, and how appreciative we all are for the service of dogs like him. 

Enjoy your time over the rainbow bridge, Shadow, and we hope that you are having a blast in doggy heaven!

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