Kenny Omega Setback Retirement
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If Kenny Omega has one more setback from rehab, he vows retirement. Also, AEW wrestler Adam Cole will be out for a lengthy time.

Kenny Omega One Setback From Retirement

Kenny Omega has been with AEW since day one and is a former tag and world champion. After dropping the AEW World Championship, Omega confirmed he was injured.

The news was not shocking as Omega had been working hurt for years. He just never stopped to let the body recover.

Finally, he lost the title and has undergone various surgeries and rehabs to heal his issues. Omega was recently on CEO Gaming Twitch channel and noted if suffers another setback in rehab, he is done.

“If I get another major setback, that’s it,” said Omega. “I’m done. I can’t do this ever again.”

“It’s like two times, three times a day. It’s really painful.”

“And without even knowing that what it’s gonna be like once I get back in the ring. It’s scary actually.”

“To come back with anything less than expected would just bring ridicule, which I get every day anyway. So you can probably understand and imagine how difficult it is struggling twice, 3 times a day to get things to work, that maybe never worked before.”

Omega already admitted that his rehab has slowed progress. That happened when he returned to help backstage as a producer. 

He is such a talented star who never took a break. Now, he needs to rest and return better than before.

Adam Cole – Return Date

Kenny Omega Setback Retirement

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They are is no denying many of AEW’s top wrestlers are out of action. It includes a slew of big names like CM Punk, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson.

For Cole and Danielson, the news is not great as they will likely miss the most time. Even while still in NXT, Cole was working hurt.

Then, at Forbidden Door he was injured further. He took part in a fatal four-way match for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

For those that watched the match, you could tell the ending was rushed. The exact moment the concussion occurred is unclear, but some think it was after a superkick from “Hangman” Adam Page.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer addressed the status of Cole. His response was very clear.

“Adam Cole’s gonna be out for a while,” said Meltzer.

The timing is not great because AEW is frequently losing their top stars. Although, there could be some good out of all this news.

Cole was already dealing with numerous problems heading into the match. Now, he can finally rest because the body can only handle so much damage.

The plan for about a year has been for Cole and Omega to feud with their friends taking sides. Omega has been out for a lengthy period of time and he recently noted how his rehab has slowed.