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New reports are coming out stating that a mother was arrested after abandoning her child at a bar at Disney World.

Mother Arrested After Ditching Child At T-Rex Cafe

WDWNT reported that Rosanna Nancy Mezarina Meza, 42, was arrested for child neglect after the incident. It all started at around 8:45 PM on April 16, when Mezarina and her son were seated at the bar at the T-Rex Cafe in Disney Springs. Mezarina proceeded to order two Grey Goose vodka drinks over the course of the next thirty minutes.

After downing both drinks, Mezarina asked bar staffers if they would watch her son for a few minutes while she went to her car to grab her credit card. She then came back ten minutes later, only to tell staffers that she had to go back to her vehicle to get her credit card again. This time, however, she did not return.

Mezarina had left her fanny pack behind, and when bar staffers looked inside it, they were horrified to find receipts showing that the mother had bought five double Grey Goose vodka drinks earlier that same day. 

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Police Find Mezarina

Police were called, and they were eventually able to find the “severely intoxicated” Mezarina at the Lime parking garage. Police said that she was mostly asleep when they found her and that she didn’t even ask them where her child was. “It was only when she was being transported to a hospital in the city of Celebration that she briefly asked where her child was.” 

Mezarina’s son told police that he and his mother had spent the day at the Hilton Orlando before they went to the T-Rex Cafe. He also said that he had been left alone by his mother before and that when he would stay with her on Wednesdays and weekends, she would often leave him at home while she worked driving taxis.

Mezarina went on to plead not guilty to child neglect, which is a third-degree felony, and her trial is scheduled to take place on August 15. The Orange County Corrections Department’s online inmate database shows that she is currently being held in jail until her trial.

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Not The First Time Mezarina Has Done This

“It should also be noted that (Mezarina) is currently on Felony Probation in Clearwater for Child Neglect until 2024,” the sheriff’s report stated. “Special conditions of (her) probation include no bars as well as no alcohol.” 

Ironically, Mezarina’s previous offense also involved the T-Rex Cafe, where she was celebrating her son’s birthday on January 14, 2021.

“It’s an amazing place,” Mezarina can be seen saying in a nearly 30-minute Facebook Live video. “My son makes me drive two hours every time he wants to come here. He adores this place.”

Mezarina was arrested later that night in Polk County for DUI and child neglect after police caught her driving her Ford-150 pickup 34 miles an hour on Interstate 4 without her headlights on. A partially redacted Florida Highway Patrol arrest report shows that she then failed her sobriety test.

This mother clearly has some serious issues, and her child deserves better than this. Here’s hoping that she’s held accountable at her trial next month.

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