Dolly Parton And Nicole Kidman Share Same Dentist In ‘Small-Town Nashville’

Believe it or not, Dolly Parton and Nicole Kidman share the same dentist in the city of Nashville, Tennessee!

Most fans would not associate the country music legend Dolly Parton with the Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, but it turns out that the two women share the same dentist!

Kidman And Parton Share A Dentist

This was revealed in a conversation between Kidman and Elvis director Baz Luhrmann for VogueAustralia. The pair have been friends ever since Luhrmann directed Kidman in the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge. Luhrmann explained to Kidman that he “fell in love” with the city of Nashville, Tennessee while making Elvis.

“I was in Nashville a lot — we recorded all the gospel in all those old churches,” he explained.

Kidman, who lives in Nashville with her country music husband Keith Urban, responded with a laugh.

“I was at the dentist yesterday, who’s the same dentist that Dolly uses! That’s how small-town Nashville is!” she said, to which Luhrmann responded, “I love Nashville and I love her too. I call her ‘the Dolly Lama of L.A.,’ you know?”

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Parton Talks Urban

When asked back in January by “Good Morning America” which country music star she would want to bake a cake for and duet with, Parton picked Urban. 

“Probably any of the good-lookin’ ones! I love Keith Urban. I’ve always thought that he was one of the most talented and cutest guys in the world,” said Parton. “I’m not trying to hit on him, because he’s got Nicole and who could beat that? She’s Jolene!”

“But anyway, I love his writing and I just think he’s dear. So I’d be happy to make a big old cake for him and spend all afternoon singing songs,” she continued. 

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Check out that video for yourself below.

Urban accepted the offer in a video posted to Instagram, and Kidman was quick to joke, “But don’t take my man!”

“We love you, Dolly,” the couple added.


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People Magazine reported that Kidman, who is from Australia, has always been open about her love for Nashville, saying in 2016 that she is “very, very happy to be a part of [the Nashville] community.” 

“That country music community is a very warm community,” she added at the time. “It’s very protective. Keith’s been a part of it for decades now. It’s his home; it’s our home.”

Parton Met Husband On First Day In Nashville

Meanwhile, Parton has lived in Nashville for decades, and she actually met her longtime husband Carl Dean on her very first day there back in 1964. 

“Well, I just took up with a strange man, that’s all,” Parton joked with Johnny Carson in a recently surfaced 1977 interview. “My daddy didn’t want me to leave home for that very reason. He knew I’d do that.”

Taste of Country reported that Parton went on to say that she met Dean at a laundromat, where she went to wash the clothes that she’d brought from her hometown. 

“We met at the wishy-washy and, in all honesty, it’s been wishy-washy ever since,” she said with a laugh.


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Parton and Dean have now been married for 56 years, and they’re still loving life in Nashville to the day. In the end, Nashville is an easy city to love, so we can see why Parton and Kidman feel the way that they do about it!

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