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The Christian star Candace Cameron Bure’s former “Full House” co-star Dave Coulier is speaking out this week to send a powerful message to America, which is more divided than ever right now.

‘We’re Not United Right Now’

“We’re having such a tough time in our world right now. People are … really at war with each other over a lot of things,” Coulier said, according to Faith Wire. “We need to get back to the United States of America — that word ‘united’ is really important. We’re not united right now, and we need to bring ourselves together.”

Coulier went on to say that “love” is the only thing that can bring the American people back together again. 

“If you go back to ‘Full House,’ you’ll see a lot of love. It’s a real simple thing,” he explained. “It’s a good life lesson for us all to just think about — that word ‘love’ — before you start to really go after somebody because maybe they don’t agree with you.”

Coulier, 62, went on to say that understanding others is crucial, even if you disagree with what they are saying. 

“I think we need to try and understand each other,” he concluded.

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Cameron Bure Praises America

Like Coulier, who played her Uncle Joey on “Full House,” Cameron Bure also has a great deal of love for America. She showed that earlier this month when she took to Instagram to celebrate the Fourth of July with a patriotic post.

“God Bless America!!!” Cameron Bure, 46, wrote alongside a photo of herself wearing a “God Bless America” t-shirt. “Happy 4th of July Independence Day!! I’m so grateful to live in the USA and I continue to pray God’s protection over our nation.”

Cameron Bure added Psalm‬ ‭33:12‬, which states, “Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”


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Later that same day, Cameron Bure returned to Instagram to show off her patriotism once again with a cute video. Check that out for yourself below.


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‘Don’t Resent Our Country’

Cameron Bure also reshared a post by Jonathan Pokluda, lead pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church, which was addressed to Gen Z and their reluctance to celebrate America’s independence. 

“Dear Gen Z, Don’t resent your country. It is ok to celebrate her independence. America is not perfect, but this is an incredible place to live. Your gratitude for the freedom you have here is not an endorsement of all past mistakes,” the post read. It went on to address the many freedoms Americans enjoy and how a negative mindset is leading to “the death of patriotism.”

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Christian Post reported that Cameron Bure captioned the post by saying, “If your parents are immigrants you’ll probably have a better understanding of why this country is so great.”

Cameron Bure has long been one of the only outspoken conservative Christian actresses in Hollywood. While Coulier’s political leanings are a little more unknown, it’s clear from his recent statements that he has a great deal of love for this country as well. With the two of them appearing in it, it’s no wonder that “Full House” is a sitcom that is still loved by patriots everywhere decades after it went off the air! 

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