Triple H WWE Responsibilities
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With Triple H back, did he gain any new WWE responsibilities? And, Tony Kahn on original Forbidden Door plans before CM Punk’s injury.

Triple H – Current WWE Responsibilities

WWE is going through a rough time. Vince McMahon had to step-down as CEO while an investigation is underway about hush money.

Therefore, Stephanie McMahon ended her hiatus very quickly. Now, she is the temporary CEO of WWE.

As for her husband, Triple H, he is back to working with WWE full-time. He retired months ago after an issue with his heart.

It is not known if Triple H will have any control over NXT. Before some major changes, Triple H made NXT a great brand.

Now, the Tuesday night show looks totally different than during the yellow and black days. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over Triple H’s current position power.

“He was just [at the Performance Center] and said that he was back,” said Meltzer. “He didn’t say what exactly that meant.” 

“I asked some people there, and they said that he just said things are happening, and he can’t talk about them right now, but he’s back. So, that’s basically it.” 

“Whatever it is will come out in the days to come, but nobody knew exactly what he meant by that. Was he back running NXT? Perhaps.” 

“Is he back with more power? Yes. He does seem to have more power now.”

When it comes to the pro wrestling business, Triple H has the mind and athletic ability. He could use this time to show fans and the board of WWE that he can run the company.

If anything, at least Triple H is back to what he loves.

Original Forbidden Door Plans

Triple H WWE Responsibilities

Source: @ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

In pro wrestling, it is not too rare to see promotions work together. Although, those are usually Indy companies. 

AEW is known to work with other companies. They seems to have a good relationship, especially with NJPW.

In only a few days, AEW and NJPW will produce a duel pay per view titled Forbidden Door. The card is coming along, but seems far from complete.

When CM Punk broke his foot, that caused a major roadblock. Punk is the AEW World Champion, so without him, the promotion had to make changes.

While speaking on “Busted Open Radio” on SiriusXM, AEW President Tony Khan spoke about the event. Also, he went over original plans.

“CM Punk got injured,” said Khan. “AEW had to find a new main event now as the original plan of Hiroshi Tanahashi vs CM Punk could no longer go forward.”

“[Jon] Moxley vs Tanahashi is a dream match the fans have been calling for years. [Tanahashi is] one of the world’s greatest wrestlers.”

“And the TV was ready to go, we had a lot of great matches planned in the weeks leading into Forbidden Door. A lot of those matches involved CM Punk and a number of other stars who are injured.”

With Punk unable to wrestle, AEW found a great replacement in Jon Moxley. The winner of his match against Tanahashi will be the interim AEW World Champion.

Then, when Punk is healed, AEW will unify the belts. Forbidden Door sounds like a great card.

Most fans might not know the talent from Japan, so we will have to see how the crowd reacts.