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I saw Fleetwood Mac perform about four years ago. No Christian McVie, but Lindsey and Stevie were there, so the essential elements were in place. They were all in their 60s but could still put on a good show.

Sure, Stevie and Lindsey didn’t make eye contact the whole time. But Silver Springs still sounded like the saddest, best ballad ever. I was reflecting on this concert, and it got me thinking about all the rock stars who are still playing well into their retirement years.

Rock and roll is timeless. These rockers prove that you don’t have to be young to rock out. 

Paul McCartney 

Not only is Paul still putting our original music, but he also tours extensively with a live show that spares no expense. The 0ctogenarian is still in a Band on The Run and looking as good as ever, thanks to his vegan diet.

All of the Rolling Stones (But Keith Richards in particular)

Mick looks as fit and full of life as ever at 78. But he’s known to be a health nut who works out several hours daily and lays off the Brown Sugar. The absolute marvel is Keith Richards, who may very well be immortal.

Two things will survive the apocalypse; cockroaches and Keith Richards. Except Keith Richards will crush up and snort the roaches and be the last sentient being standing.

Bob Dylan

I’ll be honest. I’d draw the blinds if Bob Dylan were playing in my backyard. The man who ignored winning the Noble Prize has been on his “Never Ending Tour” since 1988. Despite the Times A Changin’ for the 81-year-old, he still plays his incredibly boring and trite songs to thousands.

The Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson

The man who brought symphonic sophistication to pop music is still touring, including concerts playing his seminal work, Pet Sounds. At 80, Wilson’s music influenced and shaped pop music as we know it today, and his songs still sound as fresh and relevant as they did 50 years ago. 

Who is your favorite Classic Rock artist still performing today? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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