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Mary Martin Country Music
Source YouTube: folkarchivist, 60 Minutes Australia
July 8, 2024
Mary Martin, who was an unsung legend in the country music world, died last Thursday in Nashville. She was 85…
Willie Nelson
Source: Mass Broadcast YouTube
July 8, 2024
Willie Nelson, 91, received a standing ovation as he returned to performing last week after suffering from a health scare.
Willie Nelson health
Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
June 24, 2024
The legendary country singer Willie Nelson had to cancel part of his current tour over concerns about his health.
Taylor Swift Beyoncé
Source YouTube: The Graham Norton Show, iHeartRadio
April 18, 2024
Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are being slammed by Courtney Love, who believes that the female artists of today are "all…
Classic Rock
June 22, 2022
Rock and roll is timeless. And these iconic performers prove it. These stars of the 60s and 70s are pushing…
Celebrity Endorsements
May 13, 2022
America's most beloved celebrities have hocked everything from Japanese beer and pasta to rental cars and digestive health yogurt
Paul McCartney Bob Dylan The Beatles marijuana
April 16, 2021
Sir Paul McCartney told Uncut magazine in a new interview that The Beatles first smoked marijuana with Bob Dylan in…
Bob Dylan
Source: Screenshot, custom YouTube
June 26, 2020
In the late 1970s, Bob Dylan converted from Judaism to Christianity and recorded a trilogy of Gospel albums for which…