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Kirk Cameron of “Growing Pains” fame has long been known as one of the most conservative Christian actors in Hollywood. He showed that once again on Wednesday when he took a stand against abortion on social media. 

Cameron Sounds Off On Abortion

Cameron took to Instagram to share a powerful quote that read: 

“If you praise a woman who aborted her child because ‘she did what was best for herself,’ then I hope you praise men for abandoning their children because they did what was best for themselves.”

“This is spot on,” Cameron wrote alongside the quote. “We must consider the implications of our arguments. Abortion is as tragic, heart breaking and heart-stopping as any abuse of children.”

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Abortion A ‘Personal Issue’ For Cameron’s Family

While speaking at March For Live earlier this year, Cameron explained that abortion is a “personal issue” for his family, explaining that his wife Chelsea Noble Cameron was adopted after being “one doctor appointment away from not existing.”

“My six children and my wife are here as a result of loving, compassionate and courageous people like you who are marching today,” he added, according to Christian Post

Cameron then told Fox News that he believes society’s views on abortion are shifting. 

“I think that we’re at a tipping point,” he said. “I think that the tide is turning, science is making it more and more difficult for us to pretend that it’s not a baby in the womb. We know that it is.”

Cameron surprisingly went on to say that even in the liberal world of Hollywood, there are more and more people “embracing” the idea that “life is a gift from God.” 

Candace Cameron Bure Agrees With Her Brother On Abortion

Cameron’s younger sister Candace Cameron Bure of “Full House” and “Fuller House” fame has also been an outspoken pro-life presence in Hollywood.

“I’m an advocate for the unheard voice,” she once said, according to Live Action. “These are unborn voices. They cannot defend themselves, and I will always defend them.”

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Cameron Bure has also taken issue with women who are pro-life being attacked as anti-feminist. 

“There’s so many women that are not pro-choice, that are pro-life,” Bure told Fox News back in 2016. “To say that they’re not feminists, that they’re anti-women if they’re not supporting other women, that, to me, what’s wrong with feminism. That is a turn-off for me as a woman.”

Clearly, the Camerons are two celebrities who were actually raised right! God bless them for continuing to be voices for the unborn, and for conservatives everywhere.