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Actor Kirk Cameron, who is best known for starring on the television show “Growing Pains” in his youth, is speaking out this week to slam those who want to “twist and pervert the true history of this godly nation.”

Cameron Sounds Off 

While appearing on “The Rubin Report,” Cameron gave his thoughts on the current culture in Hollywood as well as in America’s young people today.

When asked how his strong Christian faith impacts his political beliefs, Cameron replied that he is “really not a political guy, and is instead a “family and faith guy.” 

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However, Cameron went on to say that he is worried about America’s youth because of where he feels the country is headed in the next twenty years.

“That’s a terrifying question when I think about where we’re headed right now politically, economically, morally, spiritually,” Cameron confessed, adding that “the people who built” America, the Founding Fathers, declared “that faith and morality are absolutely essential for a free and just society.”

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Cameron Banks On Power Of God

He finds it disturbing that people today seem to have forgotten about faith and morality. That’s why he feels it’s crucial that parents go above and beyond to teach their children these values of old.

“I believe that we need to go back to that if we want to see America flourish as a free and just society, even economically, even educationally,” Cameron said. “All of these things, I think, are our fruit on the tree with the roots going down into faith and virtue.”

Cameron then blasted the idea that America does not have godly roots. He blames “TV shows and educational curriculums that want to completely twist and pervert the true history of this godly nation.”

The one positive thing that Cameron sees is Generations Z’s passion for changing the world.

He sees that they want to start a revolution because they want to “be part of something bigger than themselves.”

If these young people “get on board” and can be inspired by “older, wiser people” who understand both history and consequences, Cameron feels that they could make a positive difference in the world. 

“I’m banking on the power of God working in their hearts and through their minds to make better decisions than we’ve made in this generation,” Cameron said. “That’s where my hope is.” 

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He Urges Christians To Showcase Their Faith 

In the end, Cameron feels that it’s important that Christians keep their faith in “the arts and entertainment” rather than abandoning it.

He would like to see those who believe in Christ to let their faith shine through in the media.

“I’m hoping for a revival, not just in the heart of people of faith, but in Hollywood and in government and in the marketplace and everywhere else,” he said.

We would certainly like to see the same thing, Mr. Cameron!

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