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Henry Winkler, who is best known for playing “The Fonz” on the sitcom “Happy Days,” is trending on Twitter right now after posting “18 inches of fun” from the waters of Idaho.

Winkler Trending On Twitter For Fishing

Winkler, 76, took to Twitter to post a photo of a fish he had just caught, captioning it, “Good morning … 18 inches of fun . No pun intended.”

In fact, Winkler has been posting photos of himself catching fish all week.

Social Media Users Are Loving This

Social media users could not get enough of these images, and Winkler quickly found himself trending!

Outsider reported that Winkler has been an avid fisherman since the 1980s, when a close friend taught him and his wife Stacey how to do it. Since then, he has gone on many fishing trips and documented them on social media, even making a trip to Idaho last year as well.

‘I Love It So Much’

“I love it so much. I can’t tell you,” Winkler told Fox News of fishing back in 2020. “Fly-fishing is like a washing machine for your brain. No matter what bothers you, you cannot concentrate on anything but you, the fly resting on the water and the fish that comes to take it.”

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When he isn’t fishing, Winkler is still a busy performer, most recently winning his work on the comedic television show “Barry.” In 2019, he even chalked up his latest success on the show to fly-fishing.

“It is the greatest metaphor for life,” Winkler told InsideHook. “You have got to take a risk and try and get your fly in the most inaccessible water. You have to take a risk of losing the fly if you want to get something on it. You have got to be very patient, and once you get the fish on, you have to stay calm.”

“I didn’t know when I was younger how much I was going to love the river,” added Winkler, who grew up in New York City, and therefore didn’t have a ton of experience in nature in his youth.

‘You Cannot Force The Situation’

Winkler went on to explain that a good fly-fisherman is calm and never rushes.

“That is one of the things I learned and then applied to my life,” he said. “You cannot force the situation.”

“The line is so thin between your fly and that fish that if you try to horse the fish it will break off,” he added. “You have to be very patient and you have to play the fish. You have to gently move it from side to side. You gently have to keep it coming toward your boat. You have to feel the slightest tug and let the fish go, because sometimes the fish is very big and has a terrific fight.”

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‘One Of The Greatest Things That You Can Do’

In the end, Winkler feels that fly-fishing is something that everyone should look into doing.

“It’s one of the great things that you can do on the Earth,” Winkler declared. “I mean, you literally cannot worry about anything that is bothering you because you have to totally stay in the moment or the fish will break off.”

This is certainly a side of The Fonz that fans were not expecting to see! We’re glad that Winkler has found an activity in nature that brings him so much joy and peace. 

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