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Vince McMahon Changing Plans For Stable, AEW Women’s Tag Titles?

According to a recent report, Vince McMahon is changing things up for a new stable. Plus, will Tony Khan introduce Women's Tag Titles to AEW?

Things change in the land of the WWE all the time. Storylines get scrapped, NXT superstars get called up too soon, and so on, and so on. As per a new report, it seems that Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is changing plans for a main roster stable.

Vince McMahon Changing Plans For Stable

According to Wrestling News, VKM has decided to switch things up when it comes to the Maximum Male Models stable. The report notes that McMahon may not have Mace and Mansoor align with Max Dupri’s faction, after all.

While the two were alongside Max during dark matches, Vince is apparently going in another direction with the stable. The report also notes that at one point an idea was pitched to reintroduce the two on SmackDown as heels.

With that said, this idea was turned down. What will McMahon end up doing with this new faction?

What Will Vince McMahon Do With This Stable?

It’s hard to say how Mansoor, Mace, and even Dupri will move forward. Only time will tell.

Still, this is a fine example of how WWE continually switches things up. Especially when it comes to Vince McMahon and his creative decisions.

Over to the land of AEW, the promotion has grown considerably since its inception in 2019. It has plenty of titles currently floating around, but will it add another set to its roster?

Women’s Tag Titles In AEW?

Could AEW incorporate a pair of Women’s Tag Team Titles into their championship mix? Tony Khan was recently asked this question during a Double or Nothing press conference.

Vince McMahon Changing Stable
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Khan responded by stating he has thought about adding them to the promotion. He adds that there’s a ton of incredible talent in AEW, including both great female and male wrestlers.

Tony goes on to say that as AEW continues to expand their roster, and get injured talent off the shelf and back into the ring, adding titles to the promotion is something he’d “love” to do. Khan also states that the trios’ titles is something he believes fans would enjoy (and have asked for).

Overall, Khan concluded that adding more titles and champions “makes sense”. He also notes that these are “cool” ideas they’ve talked about already.

WWE’s Fumble With Their Women’s Tag Titles

Sure, it would be amazing to see Women’s Tag Team Titles within AEW, but it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room. That is, the major fumble WWE has made with their Women’s Tag Championships.

The titles were introduced during the upswing of the women’s wrestling revolution in 2019. However, the championships, as well as the women wearing them at any given time, have been poorly booked for the most part.

This is not to say that AEW would make the same mistake. But, the WWE has had issues building its women’s tag team division properly.

This could be due to a lack of talent (due to cutbacks) or a lack of creative brainpower on the WWE’s point. Only time will tell if AEW introduces this type of women’s championship and if they can “get it right”.

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