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Tom Selleck has enjoyed a decades-long career in Hollywood the likes of which most people can only dream of. While the 77-year-old star has enjoyed his career, he’s unfortunately revealed that it has taken a toll on his health as he nears 80. 

Fans have noticed that on recent episodes of his CBS drama “Blue Bloods,” Selleck has been limping, and an unnamed Hollywood source claimed that he’s becoming “tired of the Hollywood grind” with the show taking “more and more out of him every season.”

Stunts ‘Messed Up’ Selleck’s Health

The Express reported that when asked recently if his body has ever let him down, Selleck admitted that years of doing his own stunts has negatively impacted his health. 

“Well, it lets me down from the point of view that I can’t do, or won’t do, what I used to,” Selleck said of his body. “You know, my back’s kind of messed up. When you do stunts in movies – I do a lot of them – you’re taking a risk, but you’re also sitting around a lot.”

“So you might do a fight scene, and then you sit in your chair, and it’s not like you have a personal trainer saying, ‘Okay, we’re ready to go, but Tom needs 10 minutes of stretching and warm-up,'” he added. “And I think the price – I see it with peers, I talk to them sometimes. You just see the price of stunts. They weren’t that hard, but I think it’s the stop-and-go of all that stuff.”

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Selleck Stays Active On His Ranch

The former “Magnum P.I.” star went on to say that despite all of this, he stays active at his age by doing work on his 63-acre ranch in California. 

“I don’t like to go to the gym,” he explained. “I have a 63-acre ranch, and I do not all, but a lot of, the grunt work. Clearing brush, planting trees. We’ve got about a hundred ancient oaks I planted. I’ve probably planted a thousand trees myself.”

Selleck firmly believes that “activity” has helped him age well. Unlike many other Hollywood stars, he’s also proudly gone gray, refusing to dye his hair. 

“I played beach volleyball, some very competitive softball. I loved baseball. I never liked golf; I golfed because I could get to see my dad,” the actor continued to say,” he said. “One thing I didn’t do is dye my hair. I’m sick of people telling me I dye my hair! This is it, man. I’ve got grey hair in there.”

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‘Turning Grey Is Kind Of A Blessing’

“At my age, turning grey is kind of a blessing, where it softens all of the other horrible things it does to you, but it is what it is,” he continued. “I even added grey in my moustache for ‘Blue Bloods.’ They do it with a little pencil in makeup—it takes a long time to do it right. But then, the digital camera they were using on the show didn’t even show it. But I’m a little greyer now, so that’s good.”

Selleck’s clear down-to-earth nature makes him a refreshing rarity in a world that seems full of egotistical Hollywood stars. If only we had more celebrities in this country like him!

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