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Hollywood legend Tom Selleck is currently in celebration mode as his hit CBS drama “Blue Bloods” is set to air its 250th episode tonight.

Though success on television is nothing new for the former “Magnum P.I.” star, Selleck still says the success of this show is “a big deal” to him.

Selleck Happy Over Success Of ‘Blue Bloods’

“It’s a big deal,” Selleck, 77, told CBS News. “It’s still kind of sinking in because it seems like yesterday we were doing the first one, and I was talking to [co-star] Donnie [Wahlberg] about it today, and it’s just gone so fast. I think ’cause we like our jobs and we like our show.”

And, they like each other, too!


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‘Blue Bloods’ Cast Is A Family

Selleck went on to explain that the cast of “Blue Bloods” has become a family in the 12 years that it has been on television.

“We have this actors’ family, and it’s a great big family, and we all kind of love each other. Don’t tell them, but we do,” he said. 

Watch Selleck and Wahlberg open up more about this in the video below.

Selleck portrays NYPD commissioner Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” and he describes his character as someone who “has the weight of the world on his shoulders.”

“A person in command can’t show weakness, can’t show worry, can’t show anxiety because he’s gotta inspire the troops, so to speak, so somehow I gotta show that to the audience but don’t show everybody in the scene, unless I have what I’d call a private moment as the character where I can really show the weight,” he said. 

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Selleck Reveals Why ‘Blue Bloods’ Is Successful

Selleck believes that much of the success of “Blue Bloods” stems from the fact that it is not an “issues show” that features ripped-from-the-headlines material, as many other shows on television do this days. And, the show is driven by the characters.

“If you write an episode for episodic television, an hour episodic television, it’s been hanging around for about four months … And we deal with some real issues, but we’re not trying to mimic the headlines,” he explained. “And when that comes up, it’s been remarkable the coincidence that the issue just happens to be in the press even though we were thinking of it four months ago.”

“The other thing we try very hard to do is have worthy adversaries and not just tell one point of view, and I think that’s really important because I don’t think television should hit people over a sledgehammer,” Selleck added. “It should make them think and maybe decide for themselves.”

Watch Selleck’s full comments on this in the video below.

After a career in Hollywood that has spanned decades, it’s nice to see that Selleck is still enjoying his work on such a successful television show as he nears 80 years old! You can watch Selleck in action in the 250th episode of “Blue Bloods” when it airs on CBS tonight at 10pm EST. 

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