Best Netflix 90s Comedies

Was the 90s the best time for comedies? The answer probably depends on who you are and how old you are. But one thing is for sure – the 1990s had a lot of comedy classics. From romantic comedies to farcical underdog stories, Netflix has a 1990s comedy for just about everyone.

Here are the five best 90s comedies on Netflix.

Best 90s Comedies On Netflix

You’ve Got Mail 

Can you get more 90s than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? I have to admit, I don’t care for romantic comedies, except for this one. We have the aww-shucks charm of Hanks combined with Meg Ryan’s confident every-girl attitude. An added bit of irony here is that many of the big book stores from the 90s ceased to exist while tiny boutique shops thrive!


Happy Gilmore

A lot of 90s comedies do not hold up. Fortunately, Adam Sandler’s classics do. Many people debate Billy Madison vs. Happy Gilmore. I personally like Happy Gilmore, mainly because this Sandler character is easier to like.

And his legacy lives on!

Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere reunite for a bit of a lighter and more absurd romantic comedy. When both actors were at the pinnacle of their power, I remember this movie getting colossal buzz. It still makes you wonder why Richard Gere isn’t a leading man in more movies. 

As Good As It Gets 

Jack Nicholson turns in the performance of a lifetime with this movie. Nicholson, with his signature charisma and wisecracks, becomes one of the most despicably hilarious men in the history of rom-com.

And As Good As It Gets barely qualifies as a romantic comedy. It is a story about empathy, self-acceptance, and being nice when it counts. 

Hudson Hawk

Forget all the “Worst of” Lists you’ve seen this movie on. Yes, Hudson Hawk was a massive flop, and critics panned it. But if you are a fan of Bruce Willis, this is a must-watch. Hudson Hawk stands out as a mix of Dick Tracy and Die Hard. It is funny and whacky, and there’s a bit of random singing. 

Forget the dumb critics and make some time for Hudson Hawk.

What’s your favorite 90s comedy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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