nxt superstars short leash
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On the heels of the latest moves, it seems NXT Superstars could be on a short leash. Plus, Stu Grayson could return to AEW.

NXT Superstars On Short Leash

If you’ve been paying attention to the recent moves, you might be wondering-could NXT Superstars be on a short leash?

Specifically with an eye toward Harland and his stunning release, it’s a safe question to ask.

So, are NXT Superstars on a short leash?

It seems they might be.

According to the Wrestling Observer, NXT talents are being given a 90 day window to prove themselves.

NXT coaches will provide feedback to the decision makers within the brand. If a Superstar is not cutting the mustard…they will be in danger of a pink slip.

It’s this short leash that spelled the rapid demise of Harland. Per earlier reports, NXT coaches did not see any significant progress from him, and now he’s not an NXT Superstar.

This new line of thinking sounds close to some other rumblings heard around the time of the NXT reboot.

nxt superstars short leash

source: @wwenxt, twitter, screenshot

With WWE moving away from signing established indie stars, they were taking fliers on some unproven commodities.

In years past…when HHH was in charge and Nick Khan wasn’t being tight with the wallet…some NXT talent could be there for a while.

Sometimes they’d never leave, while in other cases, they just took a long time to get the call.

Aliyah and Ciampa are good examples.

Well, according to the Observer, Superstars might be on a short leash now, much like Harland was.

Show progress, or find a new home. Seems simple enough, but at the same time…especially for the truly green talents…90 days isn’t always enough of a chance.

It did not sound like the 90 days was a hard and fast, absolute rule…but it should certainly motivate fresh Superstars to work hard from the beginning.

Stu Grayson Could Return To AEW

It’s an interesting time in the company, with contracts beginning to expire…but we hear Stu Grayson could still return to AEW.

Recently it was reported that Grayson’s AEW contract had run it’s course.

As a member of the Dark Order, Stu Grayson had been with the company since nearly the beginning.

But, with a more crowded locker room than ever, the company and the talent did not come to an agreement and his contract expired.

However, while some talents walk away when their contracts expire…that might not happen here.

According to Fightful, there remains interest from AEW in bringing Stu Grayson back.

nxt superstars short leash

It seems that both sides remain in contact, and more important, on good terms.

No bridges were burned when things expired, so there would certainly be a chance to see him return to AEW.

Of course, now that he is a free agent, any number of other opportunities could present themselves.

He could get an offer from another promotion, and perhaps he jumps to WWE or IMPACT.

Then again, it could be he wants to return to AEW, and the two sides finally work out a contract.

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