Megan Rapinoe Quitting Is Courageous

Megan Rapinoe, who seems to fancy herself to be the “woke” Colin Kaepernick of the world of women’s soccer, is speaking out this week to say that quitting is “courageous,” and that “grind culture is stupid.”

‘It’s Courageous To Quit Something’

“I just feel like it’s courageous to quit something that’s not fulfilling you anymore,” Rapinoe said in an interview with Insider. “And you only have this one little life, so you might as well do something that serves you.”

Rapinoe went on to blast “grind culture,” which encourages people to pursue their goals, even if it means making sacrifices along the way. She added that the idea of pushing through pain to accomplish something “is just ingrained in us as this American ideal and — shocker — we’ve been lied to.”

“Grind culture is stupid,” Rapinoe continued. “And ultimately I feel like it’s probably the big corporations that did that so they can grind us into the ground and take everything from us. I’m like, who does this serve?”

“We get down on ourselves too [that] if we quit, then we’re a failure,” she added. “That’s really not the case at all. That’s actually not what life is at all. It’s just kind of this series of all of us trying to be the best that we can.”

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Rapinoe Wants People To Be ‘Encouraged’ To Quit

Rapinoe, who became a household name when she followed Kaepernick’s lead by taking a knee during the national anthem before her games, proceeded to double down on how “courageous” she sees quitting something to be.

“I think people do need to be encouraged and be told that it is courageous to quit,” she said. “It can be a really empowering, life-changing thing to just say no, and to not continue to do something that makes you miserable.”

It should come as no surprise that a radical liberal like Rapinoe is promoting quitting, as she seems like the kind of leftist who is all for as many handouts as possible. 

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Is Rapinoe Quitting Soccer?

In this same interview, Rapinoe said that she’s been considering quitting soccer herself as of late, as she’s been sidelined with “a particularly annoying and frustrating injury.” The 36-year-old added that while retirement does “go through my mind, obviously being in sports for a hundred years,” she may not be ready to make the “courageous” move of quitting yet. 

“I’m very much looking forward to life after [soccer], but still enjoying it at the time,” Rapinoe concluded. “No, I’m not quitting anything anytime soon.”

It’s sad that we live at a time when something like quitting is being celebrated in this way. The fact that there are young people out there that actually look up to someone like Rapinoe makes us fearful for what this next generation of Americans will be like.

In the end, we can think about a million far more “courageous” things than quitting. 

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