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Megan Rapinoe, who some refer to as the “Colin Kaepernick” of the women’s soccer world, launched yet another attack on America this week directing her comments this time at U.S. history. Rapinoe had some pretty unpatriotic things to say about America while speaking to book author Cathy Park Hong, including that our history is “pretty gross in many ways.”

In an interview for her book club, Rapinoe talks with Professor Cathy Park Hong, author of Minor People: An Asian American Reckoning. Hong’s book focuses on the Asian American experience and racial awareness.

When Professor Hong, or rather Cathy as Rapinoe calls her, asked to hear Megan’s thoughts, the USWNT captain didn’t hesitate to share them.

Rapinoe Sounds Off On U.S. History And White People


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Rapinoe pushes the notion of a “white supremacy driven wide world” when talking with Hong.

“Particularly for white people, I really do feel like it’s on us to defer to leadership of people who are marginalized and traditionally cut out of all these stories, to not just lead but to fill in the story,” Rapinoe said

“We have such a small understanding and just a narrow view even of what the history of America is, which, if you really think about it, is pretty gross in a lot of ways, it’s pretty violent and destructive and hateful in so many ways,” Rapinoe said in the interview that was posted to Instagram. 

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When asked what keeps her going, Rapinoe said, “I try to spend less of my time explaining myself to the people in charge of the problems that I want to change and more on people who are working to dismantle it. I think that give me life. I think talking and banging your head against a brick wall is just infuriating.”

She went on to say, “I try to focus on the people who are working with me on solutions and the people who will challenge me, and not just like-minded people. I don’t think that sort of feedback loop is positive either. But, people who are fully understanding and respecting me as a human and then can come back with constructive criticism and challenge or check me on things. But also that we’re working together for a common goal,” Rapinoe stated. “That is something that gives me life. A little bit of it is just natural; I have a little bit of an energy for it.”

Rapinoe Won’t Stop Talking About Politics 

Rapinoe also made it clear that she has no plans to stop talking about politics anytime soon. She appears to see it as her duty to use her platform to spread radically leftwing ideologies. 

“Whether it’s gay rights or women’s rights or pay equity… I’m also incredibly privileged, so I feel like it’s sort of a responsibility or a way to try to balance out the privilege that I have,” she explained. “I feel like I’m being discriminated against when it comes to my salary and compensation, but I’m also a famous athlete, so I can call the New York Times and I can call the Washington Post.”

“This is not normal for the majority of women who are dealing with pay discrepancies, so I feel like it’s my responsibility in doing that, in balancing out the incredible that I have,” Rapinoe concluded. 

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Rapinoe Is An Out Of Touch Elitist

Rapinoe seems so full of herself; she can’t even see that she’s just another liberal elite celebrity who has lost all touch with both reality, and with the needs of average Americans.

She may think she’s accomplishing something with her radical rants, but all she’s doing is preaching to her leftwing choir, because nobody else is taking anything she says seriously. 

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