Details You Missed On The RAW After WrestleMania Backlash

We had a return and a few other surprises on the RAW after Backlash. And once again, I repeat, Ezekiel and Elias are NOT the same person

Here are some hidden details from the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania Backlash.

We go over some little gems, and I, once and for all, prove that Ezekiel and Elias are not the same people

Edge’s “Judgement Day”

Edge’s faction has a name, “The Judgement Day.” The Rated-R Superstar engaged in a rant against wrestling fans, the wrestling business, and the people of Hartford, saying that “no one can touch us.”

As we pointed out after Backlash, Edge’s Judgement Day reference harkens back to his first run in WWE before his injury.


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Edge also revealed he told Rhea to turn on Liv Morgan. This seems to validate the theory of Edge’s lighting “following” Rhea for a few weeks.

It seems like Judgement Day is looking to grow. 

Alexa Bliss Returns — With A Doll

After months off and speculation that she would leave WWE, Alexa Bliss returned with a 30-second squash of ex-RAW official Sonya Deville. Alexa Bliss did not bring her “Fiend” character with her.

However, she was still carrying her best-selling doll Lill, perhaps signaling that Lilly was still haunting and controlling Bliss.

Ken Owens vs. Ezekiel

Without evidence, Kevin Owens continues to believe that Ezekiel is Elias in disguise. Owens’ refusal to accept reality led the former champion down a strange path. Kevin came out to the ring as “Ken” in an attempt to bait Ezekial.

The rouse failed, and the Alpha Academy emerged to beat up Ezekial with Kevin’s help. I don’t understand this. Why won’t Kevin Owens simply accept that Ezekial and Elias are NOT the same people? 

Becky “Handing” The Title To Asuka

Becky Lynch is furious that Asuka has returned to RAW and is already in the championship picture. Lynch feels that Asuka jumped the line before Becky had her re-match. The Man is also bitter that Asuka never beat her.

Becky had repeatedly referenced Lynch handing off the title to Asuka when Lynch announced her pregnancy. Now Lynch’s version of events are a bit skewed, she did not “give” Asuka the title. Asuka earned it by winning the Money In The Bank match, which wWWE retroactively made a RAW Women’s Title Match 


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