Details You Missed on The May 11th AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite featured some fun matches and a wild contract signing. But there were some tiny tiny details you missed.

Hey, Hunter’s doing one of these little details posts for AEW now. Let’s see how this goes.

You missed some details from the May 11th AEW Dynamite live from Long Island, New York. The road to Double or Nothing continues with the main event noted old man CM Punk vs. emo cowboy Adam Page.

There was a lot of other stuff going on too. Let’s check it out. 

Dax Hardwood Does A Bunch Of Bret Hart Moves — Still Loses 

FTR has endlessly mentioned its devotion to the Excellence of Execution. While they wait for Bret Hart senpai to acknowledge them, Harwood decides to do all of Bret’s moves in his Owen Hart Cup match against Adam Cole and his forehead.

AEW doesn’t want you to respect kayfabe and instead openly says that the way a guy runs into the turnbuckle counts as a “move.” 

Harwood pulled out a Hart-style piledriver too

Of course, he did the Sharpshooter.

But Harwood was hoisted by his own Sharpshooter.

Punk’s Jersey

CM Punk is a hardcore hockey fan, so it wouldn’t be surprising that he wears a hockey jersey to the ring. But the sweater he picked and the location where he wore it raised some eyebrows.

Dynamite took place at UBC Arena on Long Island, New York, home to the New York Islanders hockey team. During his entrance, Punk was sporting the jersey of former Islanders captain John Tavares. Tavares left the Islanders in 2018, citing his desire to play for a Stanley Cup contender. The betrayal angered Islanders fans. Punk seemed to want to rub it in Long Islander’s faces.

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