night two hits misses
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We might still be recovering from the first half of the weekend, and it was certainly an exciting Saturday. However, WrestleMania 38 Night two, and the hits and misses for it, are all here!

Yes, we do it one more time. It’s a love/hate relationship for some of us with the two night deal.

On the upside, it may mean no 1AM shows ending. However, if it goes late, it might go late…twice.

So, WrestleMania 38 Night One was indeed a long one. And, it seems WrestleMania 38 Night Two probably will be too.

If somehow you couldn’t or wouldn’t hang for all of it…that’s why these hits and misses are here.

Shorter and sweet, a little bit of what worked and what didn’t, at least, one guy’s perspective anyways.

So without any further delay…let’s talk about…

night two hits misses

source:@wwe, twitter, screenshot

WrestleMania 38 Night Two: The Hits And Misses Are Here!

Keeping the flow the same as last night, let’s talk about the bad first.

The Misses!

And if there are misses, there will be good things too. That leads us to…


Lashley did as best he could…but this match was just not good.

And I think it made Omos look worse? Not saying it’s all over for him, but having him lose clean, and in not a super impressive match?

I will probably be wrong, but it made me think any push coming his way is dead or paused.

The Knoxville-Zayn match

Some bits were entertaining, but I think at least some fans would have liked to not see Pontius in his thong.

night two hits misses

source:@wwe, twitter, screenshot

And while we know the Jackass stuff is all about gimmicks and props…there were a lot, and it seemed at least a couple badly malfunctioned.

Also…match seemed to run really long for what it was. Neither Zayn nor Knoxville was owed that much time, IMHO.

The Card

Simply put, I feel like the Saturday card was better.

I don’t even care how good you think Lesnar and Reigns was. Saturday had Belair/Lynch, Rollins/Rhodes and Austin/Owens.

And, if you liked it (I didn’t), you had Flair and Rousey too.

Sunday’s matches didn’t quite measure up.

One I will pick on? The New Day versus Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

That one felt shorter than intended. Maybe they had time constraints and chopped some of it.

But…WrestleMania deserves some surprises, and in my mind, that match was ripe for having a special 3rd person come in to even the odds.

I had no one in mind, admittedly…but I feel like it was an opportunity missed by WWE.

Vince McMahon

Seriously, what the heck was up with that botched stunner?

OK…enough of the bad…

The Hits!

And I promise, these are good!

Triple H

Kicking off night 2 in style. Not expected, not announced, but enjoyable.

night two hits misses

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Hunter recently noted his in-ring career is absolutely done. He took this opportunity for one final walk down the aisle and to leave his boots in the ring.

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Gable Steveson

Kid got a nice pop last night when Steph introduced him. Got even more love from HHH, as well as being called in by Montez to celebrate post-match.

And when he sent Chad Gable for a ride? It’s clear that there are big plans, sooner than not, for this guy.

The Knoxville-Zayn match

Wait…you had this as a miss…how is it here too?

Well, if they had booked this shorter? It would just be a hit.

I can’t ignore that fans loved it-the crowd was into it, I think. And yes, seeing Wee Man slam Zayn was fun.

Banks and Naomi

Nice title win, and I am intrigued at what these two will do with their reign.

A New Brood?

Well…we said there could be a new stable coming

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Pat McAfee and Austin Theory

If you watched this and were stunned…you probably didn’t see McAfee work in NXT.

But even if you did…McAfee acquitted himself exceptionally well, considering how few big stage matches he has.

And Austin Theory showed why he is held in such high regard.

And Austin one more time…

Because Sunday needed some Rattlesnake too!

The titles are unified

I may not like it, but it has been done. And Roman Reigns is holding both belts now.

Match lived up to it’s big match feel, for the most part…which is impressive considering the two participants are severely limited in their arsenals.

source:@wwe, twitter, screenshot

Now…who steps up next, and do we find out as soon as RAW?

For this one though? That wraps up WreslteMania 38, night two’s hits and misses.