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Newly Released Intelligence Documents Reveal Scope Of Government UFO Evidence

More UFO evidence released by the government reveals dozens of confirmed incidents with many experiencing physical and mental damage

The Sun has obtained more startling evidence from the US federal government which documents the effects of UFO encounters by those who have witnessed the phenomenon. 

Obtained from the Defense Intelligence Agency through FOIA request, the government report details physical and mental trauma caused by “anomalous advanced aerospace systems.”

It appears to be some of the most unmistakable evidence yet that the government not only knows about the existence of UFOs but has done profound studies on confirmed encounters and the possible effects their interactions have had. 

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DIA Report Indicates UFO Victims Left With Radiation Burns & Brain Damage

The “Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues” report examines injuries to humans by “anomalous advanced aerospace systems,” aka UFOs.

The report notes that many of these injuries were caused by being near the “aerospace systems” and their “energy related propulsion systems.”  Those injuries range from radiation to heat burns.

Government officials also note that scientists could potentially “reverse engineer” some of the unknown propulsion systems due to the nature of the injuries. 

Government Counts 129 “Apparent Abductions” By UFOs

Among the incidents recorded by the DIA are:

  • 129 abductions
  • 77 electromagnetic effects on vehicles
  • Seventy-five incidents of “perceived time loss.”

As well as instances of “sexual encounters,” “esp development,” and even claims of implants and hair loss. 

The government report doesn’t just discuss “UFOs” but also classifies interactions with “ghosts, yetis, spirits, elves, and other mythical/ legendary entities.”

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Overall, the Pentagon files obtained by The Sun seem like a comprehensive breakdown of how the government classifies and studies unexplained sightings and interactions.

Surprisingly, our government spends so much time on such incidents. I thought the government investigating paranormal activity was something only found on television. If UFOs aren’t real, our government’s interest in them certainly is.

Is This Real Or a Distraction?

I know we all “want to believe” in UFOs, but I’m going to be honest. This whole thing reads to me like the feds cooked it up to keep people distracted with UFO nonsense.

I don’t doubt that UFOs could be genuine. Or even that there are aliens who visit earth with their mysterious spacecraft. But the odds of it happening on any scale and always in secret seem awfully far-fetched. 

If you ask me, the real conspiracy lies in the government cooking up all of this UFO/alien craziness to drum up support for the billions we spend at DARPA and other government research facilities. 

Is that what this all is? Just a distraction from the fact that our government does real spooky stuff?

Perhaps this is all a cover for the advanced propulsion drives our government is researching. Better to blame it on aliens than to let foreign governments know that we developed faster than light travel, right? 

That said, Tom DeLonge of ‘Blink-182‘ believes in aliens. Enough that he started a company called To The Stars and was named “UFO Researcher of the Year” in 2017.

You can listen to Tom discuss his UFO television series, ‘Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation,’ in the video below.

Do you believe in UFOs? Let us know your thoughts on this story, and share your alien encounters in the comment section below.

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