Tom Brady coming out of retirement

Tom Brady shocked everyone last month by announcing that he is changing his mind about retiring, and instead intends to play in the NFL once again this season. In a new interview this week, Brady is opening up about why  he’s decided to forego retirement in favor of playing professional football again.

‘I Know I’m At The End’

“I know I’m at the end,” Brady, 44, told People Magazine. “But I put myself in this position, and I want to finish strong and at the highest level.”

Retirement is difficult for many athletes, with some deciding when the time is right, and others having no choice due to injuries.

“I think for most athletes, what happens is their body says no, but their brain says yes,” said Brady, who has had his fair share of injuries himself. “And then ultimately their brain says no because their body says no.”

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Brady Reveals What’s Fueling His Return

As for what has fueled his return, Brady knows exactly what his goal is. 

“I think it’s just wanting to achieve the ultimate goal and the pursuit of that, of winning a Super Bowl,” Brady said. “And that’s a thing that motivates me every day. And I have a really great group of teammates and coaches to do that with.”

“I want to go out there and have my best year yet,” he added. “It requires a lot of time and focus and energy, just like everything, every detail matters. Everything’s important. There are zero compromises to getting the result that we want. And it’s got to be 100 percent effort by everybody to accomplish our goal.”

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‘It’ll Be My Greatest Challenge Yet’

Going into his 23rd year in the NFL, Brady would like to just enjoy every moment that he can as he plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this coming season.

“Two months ago, I didn’t feel like I’d be in this place, but I feel motivated,” he explained. “I feel inspired to go out there and do my best this year, and I’m going to give everything I got to my teammates, just like I always have.”

“They know that once I said yes, there’s no turning back, and I’ve got to commit every bit of mental toughness I have to be in this with them until the end of the season, and I’m excited for it,” Brady concluded. “It’ll be my greatest challenge yet.”

Brady has already had an incredible career that has seen him win seven Super Bowl titles. It certainly would be amazing if he is able to add an eight to his collection this season!

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