Pat Boone Hollywood Upside Down
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Pat Boone is starring in a new, faith-based movie. While promoting the golf and Christian-themed film, The Mulligan, the proud Hollywood conservative, sounded off on the problem with modern Hollywood.

Check out his thoughts and the trailer for The Mulligan below.

“The film industry was a great export for America for so many years,” Boone said, longing for the days when American cinema was a force for good.

But now, says Boone, the heroes are just as bad as the good guys, and being a good person is typically a thankless role.

“The criminals are becoming bigger,” he said. “Heroes are doing worse things than criminals and being rewarded for it.”

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Pat Boone vs. Netflix

Boone was also critical of the Netflix animated series “Big Mouth.” A show that uses crude humor to speak frankly about puberty, Boone worries that children can see the highly sexualized show.

“I don’t even know how they can even defend it, but it’s there. It’s all out there. Parents will just see it’s an animated show and think it’s OK for their kids to watch it … I mean, how bad can we get?”

The Mulligan Was The Perfect Role For Boone

A description for the film reads:

Based on the popular book by Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard, THE MULLIGAN is an inspiring reminder that second chances are only one step away. Coming to theaters April of 2022, THE MULLIGAN stars Eric Close as Paul and Pat Boone as the Old Pro.

Boone is an accomplished amateur golfer, so the combination of a Christian message and golf was too much to pass up! 

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Is Pat Boone Right? 

A lot of Twitter agrees with Boone. They don’t make them like they used to. 

Had enough of weirdo art house films and overly flashy superhero movies? Me too.

Pat Boone is right on the nose with Netflix and ‘Big Mouth”. I admit I’ve watched and enjoyed the show, but it is clearly inappropriate for children. And the show does cross the line a few times when it comes to the sexualization of children.

Even if they are animated, it is still uncomfortable to watch. 

Do you agree with Pat Boone? What happened to movies that celebrated family, patriotism, and being a reasonable force in your community? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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