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Country music star Jimmie Allen knows what it’s like to be the target of racism, but he does not think that racism itself is something we should be focus9ng on too much.

Last night Jimmie performed on American Idol, take a look:

Allen Talks Being Targeted By Racism

Taste of Country reported that in a new interview, Allen talked about being the victim of racism at a country radio station. 

“There was this guy that worked at this radio station, he told me straight up he didn’t like Black people,” recalled Allen, 36. “But luckily he’s not in radio no more. And country radio played my music.”

However, Allen did not let this experience faze him at all. 

“I’m not naive to the fact that there are people across the world that don’t like other people because of [their] skin color,” he said. “I get it. But why would I wanna focus on that? You know how we change hearts? By treating people well and making good music, bro.”

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Allen’s Mother Gave Him This Outlook

Allen got this outlook on life in part from his mother.

“I feel like my success, it comes from the energy that — my mother has really helped me, these last couple years, focus on the positive,” he explained. “My mom’s the one that taught me that. Recently, too. Like, ‘Don’t worry about the negative. Why?’ She’s like, ‘You chose country music, right? Deal with it. Get it done.'”

Ultimately Allen is at a place in his life when he can look past the naysayers and instead focus on what’s really important in his career. 

“I love country music,” he said. “I’m not saying everybody involved in country music might love me. I can’t control that. But I can control the people that do. And I can control the music I make.”

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Watch Allen talk more about this in the video below.

Allen’s New Album

This comes after Allen revealed that his third album “Tulip Drive” will drop on June 24. 

“It feels great to be talking about the third album,” Allen said, according to CMT. “A lot of these songs are a lot more personal. A lot of my past songs are about relationships. They weren’t about me. It’s just relationships I saw on TV, relationships I saw my friends having, or stories I read online. This album is lots more about me.”

“No matter what kind of country you like, you should at least find one song in there that you love,” he continued. “I really got to take my time with this thing.”

At a time when people are seemingly making everything about race, Allen’s outlook on life is refreshing. We can’t wait to check out his new album, and to see how his career develops in the years to come!

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