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Cody Rhodes Should Beat Roman Reigns – Now

Cody Rhodes, it is time for you to realize your destiny. It is time for you to beat Roman Reigns.

Cody Rhodes’ splash into WWE has already been a rousing success. The American Nightmare quickly became the top star and face of Monday Night Raw* and was quickly established as the number two guy in all of WWE. 

So what should they do with Cody Rhodes? First, they should ignore my initial advice to slow the roll with him. It is time for a HOTSHOT BABY!

That’s right. Cody needs to BEAT Roman Reigns for the WWE Unified Titles. The sooner he does that, the better. 

Here’s Why Cody Rhodes Needs To Beat Roman Reigns Now!

It would be a genuine surprise.

Roman Reigns is in god-mode. He is unbeatable. So much so that many fans are wondering if there’s anyone who would make sense to beat him. And while a lot of people want a certain Hollywood megastar to be the man who takes down Reigns*, I think having Cody beat him would be perfect.

It wouldn’t need to be clean. You could have a lot of shenanigans involved. It will be a Cody match, so there will be a lot of “overbooked” non-sense in run-ins, which I love. 

Cody gets the title by less-than-legit means. We get a big surprise and a new champion.

And when Cody wins, perhaps he brings back a classic belt?

Or maybe the belt he has acquired privately that was publically stolen from his father, the classic WWWF belt.

It would piss off AEW hardcore fans. 

OK, this one is very, very petty. But I don’t care. AEW diehards are some of the most thin-skinned and angry online fans in any fandom. Having Cody, who publically said he would never make himself champion, winning WWE’s title would fire them up something fierce. 

And, of course, being the sick freak I am, I will cackle loudly and proudly. 

It would humanize Roman Reigns — And Make Him Stronger Than Ever 

Roman Reigns needs a reality check. It has to come from someone. Why not the hottest new star on the block? 

From a story-telling perspective, a shocking, underhanded win is what you need. The audience can believe the villain is defeated, but he gets stronger. It makes the Third Act that much sweet for his return. 

For Star Wars fans: Cody winning is Luke blowing up the Death Star, and Roman’s return is Vader chopping off Cody’s hand. 

Reigns can return and destroy Cody and decimate him in dominating fashion. No gimmicks, no tricks, just a straight-up beating. 

Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

*Sorry, Seth.

*I am, of course, talking about undefeated WrestleMania contender Mickey Rourke. 

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