Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair

Happy WrestleMania week, folks! This week, we will break down all twelve planned matches/segments. We will dive into the backstory, if you should care, who will/should win, if it’ll be a good match, and if we can expect any WrestleMania-style surprises? 

Let’s start with one of the big matches on Night 1: Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch or the Raw Women’s Championship.

The Backstory 

2021 was on the way to be Bianca Belair’s year. She had the main evented on the first night of WrestleMania in an incredible match against Sasha Banks. Slated to face Banks at SummerSlam, Belair instead got an impromptu and swift defeat at the hands of a returning Becky Lynch, losing the SmackDown title.

Over the last eight months, Blair has built herself back up to the top of the card, capping up her rise with a victory at the Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia

The two have traded assaults and hospitalizations in their build-up to the title match.

The “Who Cares?” Scale

This match will be a bit of history in itself as it will be the first time two women who main evented WrestleMania separately will face off against each other. The two have traded assaults and hospitalizations in their build-up to the title match, with the power of Bianca’s hair continuing to be a follicle point*. 

Becky Lynch is the most dynamic personality on the roster and has finally established herself as a heel worthy of disdain. Bianca has what it takes to be the top-performing female on the roster and can match Lynch’s dynamism. 

 I give this match 3.5 cares out of 5.

Who Will Win

  Initially, I was going to say Bianca would win easily. However, this past weekend in Toronto, Becky Lynch was confronted and run out of the ring by Trish Stratus. This indicates that Lynch and Stratus will be entering into a feud, with the title on the line. Lynch going on her own “legend killer” route, perhaps as a gear-up to rematching against Ronda Rousey, makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, I think this means Bianca Belair gets left in the dust and the loss column. 

Will This Be A Good Match?

Yes. It will be an athletic and entertaining affair. Both performers can pour it all out on the biggest stage, and I expect this match to be no different.

Wild Card Prediction?

I think Trish makes a surprise appearance to cost Becky the match, and Trish and Becky feud, sans the belt. 

What are your thoughts on this WrestleMania match? Let us know in the comment section below.

*I’m very sorry.

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