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Whoopi Goldberg is calling on the British Royal family to apologize for its colonial past, saying that Queen Elizabeth and her family can’t “ignore the fact that Britain ran roughshod over India for years.”

This comes just one month after Goldberg found herself in hot water when she said that the Holocaust was not about race.

Goldberg Demands Royals Apologize 

Daily Mail reported that during a segment on her ABC talk show “The View,” Goldberg said that the royals need to apologize for British imperialism, and for the country’s past links to slavery. 

“Let us not forget when we talk about what needs to happen, all the folks that need to apologize,” she said, adding that there is “a list” of countries that the Royals should be apologizing to.

“The Brits are calling this the charm offensive, and they need to call it that,” cohost Sunny Hostin added. “The Brits rarely, especially the royals, rarely talk about their history of enslavement. They rarely talk about how they got their wealth off the backs of Black people.”

However, Hostin then admitted that Prince Charles acknowledged Britain’s imperialist past during a trip to Barbados back in November, when he went there for a ceremony that marked the end of the Royal rule over the Caribbean island. 

“Listen, this is not new,” Goldberg said. “I suspect Charles when he was in Barbados, had some idea because he went on and apologized. Yes, he was releasing the hold that Britain has.”

“So perhaps someone is listening, and it’s the new group of folks,” she added. “I don’t know if it’s Charles, but one of them.” 

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Social Media Users Sound Off

Social media users have been quick to fire back at Goldberg for her “woke” comments. 


Goldberg Is ‘Close’ To Prince Harry

Goldberg has long portrayed herself as “someone who is close to” Prince Harry, the son of Charles and the grandson of the Queen.

Harry has become increasingly “woke” since stepping down as a Senior Royal, leaving the UK, and moving to Southern California with his leftwing former actress wife Meghan Markle.

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While Goldberg was quick to call out the Royal Family for what she perceives as their “racism,” she herself was suspended from “The View” for only two weeks just last month for making hateful comments about the Holocaust, which she said was not about race at all.

Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg should think twice before calling out Queen Elizabeth and other Royals for racism, when she only recently displayed such clear ignorance about that horrific historic event. 

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