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Whoopi Goldberg made her return to “The View” on Monday morning after she was suspended by ABC for two weeks for saying that the Holocaust was not about race.

Backstory: Calls Grow For Whoopi Goldberg To Be Fired After She’s Suspended From ‘The View’

Check out the comments that got Goldberg suspended in the video below.

‘Yes I Am Back’

“Yes I am back,” Goldberg said to kick off today’s show, according to Deadline

“We’re going to keep having tough conversations,” she continued. “And in part, because this is what we’ve been hired to do. And it’s not always pretty, as I said, and it is not always as other people would like to hear. But it is an honor to sit at this table and be able to have these conversations, because they are important. They are important to us as a nation and to us more so as a human entity.”

Goldberg Said Holocaust Was ‘Not About Race’

Goldberg claimed two weeks ago that the Holocaust was “not about race” because Jews and Nazis were two groups of white people.

While she issued an apology for her comments following the backlash, she also doubled down hours later while appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

“I feel, being Black, when we talk about race, it’s a very different thing to me,” Goldberg said. “So I said I thought the Holocaust wasn’t about race. And people got very angry and still are angry. I’m getting a lot of mail from folks and a lot of real anger. But I thought it was a salient discussion because as a Black person, I think of race as being something that I can see. So I see you and know what race you are.”

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Goldberg added that while she didn’t want to upset anyone, she also did not want to “fake apologize.” You can watch that train wreck of an interview in the video below.

Goldberg Avoids Referencing Her Comments 

On today’s show, Goldberg did not apologize again and tried to avoid referencing her specific Holocaust comments, instead focusing on what she described as the importance of having frank conversations on “The View.” 

“I gotta tell you, there’s something kind of marvelous about being on a show like this because we are ‘The View,’ and this is what we do, and sometimes we don’t do this as elegantly as we could,” she said. “It’s five minutes to get in important information about topics. And that is what we try to do every day.”

Goldberg then said that she wanted to “thank everybody who reached out while I was away, and I’m telling you people reached out from places that made me go, ‘Wait, wait, what? Really? Okay.’ And it was amazing and I listened to everything everybody had to say and I was very grateful and I hope it keeps all the important conversations happening.”

Many feel that simply suspending Goldberg was not enough, particularly because ABC fired conservative personality Roseanne Barr just four years ago for making her own comments that were deemed to be racist.

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It seems clear that ABC only suspended the liberal Goldberg so that the news cycle could move on to the next thing, leaving her then free to continue spreading leftwing propaganda on “The View” every day. 

The double standard of the world of liberal media has never been more clear. 

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