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A Kentucky lawmaker is learning the hard way that the Parton family is not to be messed with after Stella Parton lashed out at him for comments he made about her legendary sister Dolly.

Stella Parton Sounds Off 

Stella blasted Kentucky Sen. Stephen Meredith (R-Leitchfield) after he and other lawmakers discussed Senate Bill 164, which proposes a state partnership with Dolly’s Imagination Library program.

Meredith was in favor of adding safeguards to ensure children receive appropriate content through Dolly’s program.

“I’m outraged this morning that anyone, let alone a GOP Sen. Meredith from the great state of Ky. Would question my sister Dolly or even insinuate something sinister about the ‘Imagination Library’ program for children,” Stella Parton tweeted.

“Appalachian people have been maligned as uneducated and to have a Senator from an Appalachian state even think much less say anything derogatory about this incredible program is appalling,” she added.

“My big sister stays out of politics but this is an outrage!!” she continued. “I would like to see your IQ score Sen. Meredith along with at least a dozen more of you GOP nimrods. The next thing you know, you will be trying to burn children’s books!”

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Meredith’s Comments

The Courier Journal reported that Meredith initially expressed his support for Dolly’s program, but then he said, “This may be a strong statement, don’t mean it as such.” 

From there, Meredith explained that the bill states that the Imagination Library of Kentucky Program  will use funding to give an “age-appropriate book” to children aged 5 and under. 

“And I think that certainly is warranted, given today’s environment,” Meredith said. “But I wonder if that’s enough. You know, should it be subject-appropriate as well? Because I have seen some literature that’s considered preschool that … I think is inappropriate content for children that age.” 

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Senate Minority Floor Leader Morgan McGarvey, a Democrat from Louisville who supports the bill, tried to ease Meredith’s concerns on this. 

“They are staying out of any controversy, and I think that what Dolly Parton and her program have shown is they have age-appropriate and subject matter-appropriate books going to children,” McGarvey said, citing the fact that the state of Tennessee has had a statewide Imagination Library for a long time.

“You know, I’ve always had great respect for this program,” Meredith replied. “I hope we mirror Tennessee’s success on this. But as we know, players change over the course of time and things get shifted. I’d just feel a little bit more secure if we had language of that nature in this.”

Many people showed their respect for Dolly by praising her and siding with Stella for speaking out. Here are two who share her sentiment.

Meredith ‘Disappointed’ By Stella’s Comments

After all of this, Meredith voted in favor of the bill, and he told reporters afterwards that he was “a little bit disappointed” to see Stella’s comments. 

“I’m disappointed, but you know, that’s social media today,” he said. “We always want to take a position of ready, fire, aim without really looking at the total situation.”

Whether Stella’s attack on Meredith was warranted or not, it sure is nice to see her defending her big sister! Americans everywhere will certainly be able to relate to her wanting to defend her sibling from any perceived disrespect. 

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