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WWE High On Shawn Michaels NXT Work, Brian Kendrick Wants Release

A report indicates the WWE is quite high on Shawn Michaels and his work with NXT 2.0. Plus, Brian Kendrick has requested his WWE release.

Shawn Michaels is a legend in the wrestling industry. Not only is he a WWE Hall of Famer, but also considered one of the “greatest of all time”. Now a report has surfaced indicating the company is also “very high” on his work with NXT 2.0.

WWE High On Shawn Michaels NXT Work

The Heartbreak Kid is also known as Mr. WrestleMania because of his incredible in-ring work, but he’s also gaining accolades for what he does backstage with NXT 2.0. Since HHH suffered from his cardiac event, Shawn Michaels has been at the helm of the brand.

As per Dave Meltzer on a more recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, the WWE is “very high” on Shawn Michaels and what he’s done on NXT 2.0. According to Meltzer, he wasn’t brought in to “lead” the brand, rather coach.

However, circumstances have led him in this direction, and WWE is very happy with what he’s doing. Especially in light of releasing so much of their staff, as of late.

WWE Won’t “Fire” Shawn Michaels Thanks To His NXT Work

Meltzer notes that they released a lot of “Levesque” guys from NXT. However, Dave also states that they won’t fire Michaels.

He goes on to say they are too high on him right now. Meltzer reveals he’d be “stunned” if they fired Shawn.

How will things go when Triple H makes a return? The date around that has yet to be announced.

The good news is that the brand is in good hands with Shawn Michaels. He’s pulling out some amazing work, all considering.

While Michaels’s job is secure, there’s another WWE superstar that is “still” awaiting a grant for his release. More on this story, below.

Brian Kendrick Wants Release

According to PW Insider, Brian Kendrick is currently awaiting his WWE release. He placed the request about six weeks ago.

WWE Shawn Michaels NXT
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He was set to return to NXT 2.0 on an episode airing in late December. Kendrick was supposed to face Harland.

However, the producer and backstage coach did not show up that night. As most fans know, many of Triple H’s hired staff got wiped out in a firing purge by the WWE recently.

Brian would survive the NXT wave of releases. However, it seems that he may have wished he was a part of them.

Since he requested his release, weeks ago, he hasn’t been to any Orlando NXT 2.0 tapings. He’s likely hoping the WWE will grant his request at some point soon.

Brian Kendrick Isn’t Alone

Sounds like Kendrick is in a similar situation that Mustafa Ali is in. He too requested his release from the WWE and was denied.

Since then, Ali has rolled out the #FreeAli hashtag on social media to pressure the company into letting him go. Here’s hoping it works for him.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a company when you want to move on. With the slew of superstars and staff that were released due to cuts, Brian Kendrick and Mustafa Ali’s situations might be uncalled for.

The WWE hasn’t used them in prominent storylines for a while now. It’s hard to say what the company’s motives are in keeping them around at this point.

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