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The results of a new poll are nothing short of humiliating for Meghan Markle, as they found that her sister-in-law Kate Middleton is more than twice as popular as she is in the United States.

This is all the more embarrassing for Meghan, given the fact that she is from the United States herself, while Kate is from the United Kingdom.

The Sun reported that the poll found that Kate is preferred by 68.2 percent of those in the U.S., while just 31 percent prefer Meghan.

Making matters even worse for Meghan is that Kate is preparing to visit the U.S. later this year with her husband Prince William for the first time since 2014, meaning that her popularity will likely only increase in the months to come.

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Royal Experts Weigh In

Royal experts have since weighed in on why they think Kate is more popular than Meghan among Americans. 

“Kate has become an even bigger superstar without ever setting foot here,” said Royal commentator Christopher Andersen. “She embodies everything Americans expect in a princess destined to become Queen — beauty, grace, regal bearing and the ability to connect. Whatever royal scandal is making headlines, the Duchess of Cambridge sails above it all.”

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield feels similarly, saying, “Meghan wanted to be the Queen of America. But she’s never been less popular.”

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Body Language Expert Sounds Off 

Jesús Enrique Rosas, who is better known as the Body Language Guy on YouTube, also gave his thoughts on why Meghan is less popular than Kate.

He feels that Meghan constantly talks about herself and her personal life, which has led to a lack of mystery surrounding her that has only made her less popular.

In contrast, Kate rarely speaks, and instead has an air of mysterious elegance about her that has captured public attention.

Rosas told The Express that Meghan “claimed she wanted privacy, she didn’t want to be in that [Royal Family] spotlight, that she, along with Harry were going to life a quiet life… and what happened?” 

“She has talked so much about herself, about her personal life, that she has slowly erasing any mystery that she could inspire, in the same way Kate does,” he added. “The moment your personal dramas start to spill out and erode the real value you’ve been giving to your audience, that is the start of your downfall.” 

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Popularity In U.S. Is Clearly Important To Meghan

Given the fact that Meghan and her husband Prince Harry moved to California and signed lucrative entertainment deals after leaving the Royal family in 2020, popularity in the U.S. seems to be very important to them. If Meghan wants to be popular in her home country, however, it seems she should start emulating her British sister-in-law.

Now that has got to sting for her. 

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