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Earlier this month, Meghan Markle sat down with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for her first television interview since the airing of her bombshell special with Oprah Winfrey in March. While many panned her Ellen appearance, a source close to the Duchess now says Meghan Markle was so pleased with the interview that she now wants her own talk show. 

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Meghan Markle ‘Rejuvenated’ By Ellen DeGeneres Interview

“Meghan was rejuvenated by the whole Ellen experience and came home excited about what a dream job it would be for her,” a source said, according to The U.K. Mirror.

“The idea of picking whoever she wants to interview while having plenty of fun and also addressing the topics she cares about is really starting to appeal – especially as it will boost her popularity,” the insider added. 

The source went on to say that Meghan is eager to resume her career in the world of show business.

“She knows there’s no way her and Harry would have been permitted to sit down with Ellen if they were still serving Royals, and that’s just plain ridiculous in her view,” the insider explained, adding that Meghan “shudders” at the way she was made to behave and is overjoyed to be “home” around “like minded folk.”

Meghan is originally from California, and she spent years in Hollywood working as an actress prior to her marriage to Prince Harry. 

It’s being reported that Meghan’s potential talk show even has a working title: “Tea With Duchess Meghan.”

You can watch the whole Ellen Show with Meghan Markle right here:

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Meghan’s Father Sounds Off 

While Meghan appeared to have a blast with DeGeneres, one person who did not like the interview was her estranged father Thomas. He said that he cringed while watching it, and that he felt it was nothing more than a shameless “publicity stunt.”

“It’s no way to behave,” he said. “The whole thing was kind of embarrassing. It was certainly embarrassing for the Royal Family. It’s embarrassing for her as well. I suspect it embarrassed everyone in the UK, too. She’s putting herself out there as a duchess but I’ve never seen a duchess behave this way, doing stupid stunts.”

Thomas Markle also called into question Meghan’s claim to DeGeneres that during her days as a struggling actress, she drove to her auditions in a Ford Explorer, which she alleged that she had to climb into through the trunk because the key had stopped working on the driver’s car door.

Thomas Calls Out Meghan Markle

“The Ford Explorer she had in her early 20s that she mentioned was a good running vehicle. I don’t remember any time she had to crawl out of the back of it to get out, like she said,” Thomas said, according to Yahoo News. “The doors worked fine on that vehicle until the day she got rid of it.” 

It will certainly be interesting to see if Meghan Markle is able to get the talk show of her dreams, and if anyone actually will watch it if she does. 

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