Nathan Chen winter olympics

American figure skater Nathan Chen is America’s best shot at winning singles figure skating gold in 12 years. The Salt Lake City native is considered the best skater in the world and is pulling off feats on the ice that most previously thought impossible. And tonight, he goes for gold. The competition kicks off at 8:30 Eastern on NBC and Peacock. 

Why Nathan Chen Is The Best In The World

Chen’s strength, poise, and skill level are unrivaled. He is the best in the world when he is on, and no one can touch him. He can land six quads in a single program. To put that in perspective, a quad jump is the most demanding and most strenuous skill in figure skating, and Chen can do it six times in a program with ease.

After a terrible fall and injury in 2018, many thought Chen couldn’t recover. But he has shown a strength and resolve in a notoriously brutal and soul-crushing sport. 


A Note On The Chinese Regime And Their Olympics

Look, I know a brutal totalitarian regime running a dystopian Mad Max Olympics isn’t great, and the ratings are on track to be the worst in American televised history

There have also been accusations that the Chinese cheated during short-track speedskating, where the nation has been sweeping the competition while opponents are penalized out of contention.

I understand wanting to boycott and not watch. But at the end of the day, our men and women are still over there representing our country. They’ve sacrificed so much to get where they are, and we need to support them. 

Other Americans to Watch Out For In The Winter Olympics

America is also expected to do well in the halfpipe competition, with Chloe Kim and the legend Shaun White both in medal contention.

And lest we forget the best Olympic sport, curling. The U.S. men’s team looks to defend their gold medal. After defeating the Russian Olympic Committee, they’re already off to a great start.

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