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Following Friday’s announcement, there’s new buzz…could an unlikely Rumble entrant make an IMPACT at the end of the month? And after a few months away, we have a Brian Cage AEW update to get to.

Unlikely Rumble Entrant To Make An IMPACT

Friday’s SmackDown dropped big news about the women’s event, but could an unlikely Royal Rumble entrant make an IMPACT on the men’s match too?

To catch you up, if somehow you missed it…

On the first SmackDown of 2022, Charlotte Flair talked up the Rumble. Somehow, she was allowed to be the one to reveal some new names in the women’s match.

Considering there was reportedly concern about the company’s ability to fill out all 30 slots, the announcement was needed.

It was also huge. Sure, some notable alums, a Hall of Famer too. But then we got the biggest stunner…current IMPACT Knockouts Champion Mickie James.

Yes, WWE has in years past worked with some promotions. I recall some work with Japanese groups to get stars over for big matches…but it’s few and far between.

Nothing like what AEW has been doing with IMPACT and others…but it seems WWE might be ready to soften it’s stance.

Here’s word from WrestleVotes:

So, if true…who could either company be considering for that opportunity? And would they limit it to just one?

If such an arrangement does come to pass, it makes the idea of having Johnny Knoxville in the event that much dumber.

Already on social media, at least one IMPACT star is thinking about the possibilities…

unlikely rumble entrant impact

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While the report indicated the odds are likely low…that WWE has even had those discussions is a big deal. 

Then again, while there are names in IMPACT who would be relatively new to WWE, there are obviously quite a few who have spent time with the company. Meaning, some may be less shocking than others.

Brian Cage AEW Update

We have not seen him on TV since October, so might as well see about a Brian Cage AEW update.

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While he’s been working on the indy circuit, he has not popped up on any AEW programming since the early Fall.

Cage made this post via his social media earlier, and it’s the closest to an update we’ve gotten.


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Per Wrestling, Inc., there is at least some speculation if Brian Cage has been kept off as a result of less-than-positive comments made by his wife, relative to his usage.

Then again, he’s been off television since wrapping up a program. It’s not impossible for Cage to have had some planned time away from AEW for other projects.

Keeping in mind that AEW has added a significant amount of talent in the last few months of 2021…it was likely a great time for the star to take a break.