Tributes Pour In For The Loss Of Legendary Actor Sidney Poitier

Iconic and groundbreaking actor Sidney Poitier passed away at age 94. Hollywood paid tribute to the trailblazing Academy Award winner.

Hollywood lost one of its most iconic actors today – Sidney Poitier, Hollywood’s first Black leading man. He was the the first Black man to be nominated for and win an Academy Award.

In a career spanning 40+ years, Poitier starred in some of the most influential films dealing with the tricky issues of race. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? and In The Heat Of The Night are must-watch films in the Golden Age canon that deserve to be watched by a contemporary audience. 

Poitier was 94 years old and passed away peacefully at his home in his native Bahamas.

Here is accepting his Best Actor Oscar for Lillies of the Field.

Hollywood Pays Tribute To Sidney Poitier

To say he was a trailblazer was an understatement.

Oprah paid tribute to her friend.

Other Hollywood stars paid their respects as well.

I’m slightly jealous he took a picture with the unrequited love of my life, Halle Berry.

He was The Bahamas Ambassador to Japan, and he also sat on Disney’s Board of Directors.


Here’s a video of Sidney Poitier reminiscing about his childhood:

My Memories Of Sidney Poitier

I will remember him for starring in my favorite movie of all time, the 1992 spy caper Sneakers. Poitier starred alongside a stellar cast including Robert Redford, River Phoenix, Ben Kingsley, David Strathairn, Dany Aykroyd, and Mary McDonnell. He also directed the comedic classic Stir Crazy starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder

Thanks for all you did for Hollywood and movies, Sir Sidney. 

Were you a fan of Sidney Poitier? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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