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Paul Newman’s Unpublished Memoir To Be Released A Decade After His Death

A memoir written by Oscar winner and avid race car driver Paul Newman that was unpublished during his life is set to be released next year.

Before he died, iconic actor Paul Newman worked on a memoir about his life as an actor, entrepreneur, activist, race car driver, and philanthropist. Newman began writing the book in the 80’s and the publisher’s description makes it seem like Newman left very little of his life out of it.

The private memoir was thought lost to time but then recently found in the house of Paul Newman’s wife Joanne.

The Cool Hand Luke star’s book will include:

“acting, directing, boyhood, family, fame, Hollywood, Broadway, love, his first marriage, his 50-year marriage to Joanne Woodward, drinking, politics, racing, his ultimate ride to stardom, and aging gracefully.”

Newman didn’t write it alone. Screenwriter Stewart Stern assisted Newman in writing and interviewing people for the book. 

The memoir is currently untitled but is sure to be a smash hit. Newman was notoriously private about his life, so learning insights into his world will be fascinating for those who are fans of old-time Hollywood.

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Paul Newman’s Amazing Life

One of Hollywood’s finest leading men, Newman embodied the range and the cool of the archetypal American male.

Newman famously shunned the spotlight, going so far as to never appear at awards shows, even not appearing at the Academy Awards when he was nominated.

As Newman aged, he took on more mature roles where he could play a wise man searching for justice. One of his final roles was as an aging gangster in Road To Perdition.

His Philanthropy 

Paul Newman’s legacy lives on with his “Newman’s Own” Brand of salad dressings, salsas, cookies, and other food items. 

Newman’s Own donates 100% of its profits to charity. The company donated $30 million to charity in 2016 and donated over $500 million since 1982. 

The company has donated millions to charities such as:

  • SeriousFun Children’s Network: A network of 30 summer camps that provide free recreational experiences for seriously ill children.
  • Safe Water Network: Dedicated to providing safe drinking water to those without it across the globe.
  • Fisher House Foundation: Builds housing for the family of military or veterans receiving treatment

It is fitting the Newman’s lasting legacy won’t just be all the amazing movies he starred in. His philanthropy will live on for years to come, especially through the thousands of people it has helped.

Newman was also an avid race car driver, and he talks about cars much more eloquently than he ever cared to discuss acting.

There is a 2015 documentary about his driving life titled Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman. The trailer is below. Not many people know the Oscar-winning actor was such an accomplished driver. You can watch the full documentary on YouTube.


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