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Renee Paquette Responds To Bully Ray, AEW Injury Updates

After he delivered perhaps one of the dumbest takes, Renee Paquette responds to Bully Ray. Plus, some AEW injury updates.

After his return to TV Wednesday, some had some negative remarks about Jon Moxley…and now Renee Paquette responds to Bully Ray about his. Plus, some AEW injury updates you won’t want to miss.

Renee Paquette Responds To Bully Ray

Jon Moxley returned on Wednesday, and his promo got criticized by Bully Ray. And Moxley’s wife, Renee Paquette responds to Bully Ray in kind.

To be nice, she was not pleased with Bully Ray’s opinion.

Others weren’t either

To recap things a bit…

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Jon Moxley took an extended break from wrestling to battle alcoholism. He went the in-patient route, we’ve been told, in order to get himself right.

It takes a big person to admit they have a problem and seek out and get the help needed to tackle their demons.

By all accounts, thus far, that is exactly what Moxley did.

Now, his return promo Wednesday was a bit raw and emotional, and one fan got the boot because of things.

Bully Ray disagreed with Moxley’s promo. Instead, he felt that the star should have apologized to fans for taking time off.

Perhaps, at some point, Moxley might feel that and express that…but if he never does, that’s fine too.

Paquette was not the only notable personality to take a shot at Bully Ray, either.

And she followed it with this zinger…

In 2022, when people are more aware of health issues and taking time off-regardless of profession-to get yourself right? Bully Ray had a bad take, and was rightly called on it.

AEW Injury Updates

In more news from the other guys, we’ve got some AEW injury updates.

Ray Fenix and Eddie Kingston have both been missing time of late due to injuries.

At the time of their respective injuries, you might have expected long absences.

However, per some recent reporting, it seems that neither star should miss substantial ring time.

For framing, watching Ray Fenix injure his elbow just a couple weeks ago was gruesome.

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Arms don’t bend that way.

If you told me, after watching that live, that he’d miss several months and require surgery to repair that?

Totally believable.

Kingston was injured during recent AEW Dark tapings, so we haven’t seen how bad it was, but initially it wasn’t good.

According to the Wrestling Observer, however, neither AEW star’s injuries should keep them out long.

Kingston should miss only three weeks. Fenix, despite how bad it looked, should be back by the middle of February.

Especially in the case of Fenix, it is amazing news to hear he will return that soon.

So, between the two, to see both back in under a couple months is remarkable.

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