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Over the last few days, the Internet went nuts with rumors that Mike Tyson was heading back to the ring to battle against YouTube star and boxing superstar Jake Paul.

Before you get too excited (or angry), don’t worry. As of now, The YouTube star is not fighting the Baddest Man on the Planet. 

Via Forbes:

“Jo Mignano, a representative for Tyson, called the reports “totally false” and said the 55-year-old heavyweight “thinks the Paul brothers are great but isn’t nor will he fight either one of them.”

Mike himself didn’t seem to think it was happening. 

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Who Is Jake Paul?

First, you might be asking yourself – who even is this guy?

Well, the 25-year-old Ohio native started off on Disney Channel before garnering fame on social media. Since making a name for himself on the near defunct video platform Vine, he now boasts over 18 million followers on Instagram.

Paul used his success as a vlogger and social media influencer to break into the world of fighting. After a TKO in his first amateur bout against Deji Olatunji, the YouTuber seemingly went from novelty to pro fighter almost overnight.

The host of Inside Boxing Live recently gave Paul a big nod:

What’s more – Forbes recently published a piece ranking Paul as the 2nd highest overall YouTube earner with $40 million from his boxing career and $5 million from his videos, endorsements and other business ventures. WOW.

Who Should Jake Paul Fight? 

I know a lot of boxing purists are not fans of Jake Paul. While I am also not a big supporter, he is getting more eyes on boxing and showcasing a lot of promising talent on the undercards of his fights.

As for fighting ability, you can’t deny he has some skills. The fighters he defeated are skilled strikers who have trained professionally.

While none were professional “boxers,” both Askren and Woodley had high-level striking abilities. But then again, Askren and Woodley are MMA fighters whose primary strengths are wrestling.

The question will be if Jake Paul faces an actual boxer in their prime. That would be the ultimate test. Here are a few fighters in his weight class that Jake Paul could test himself against and draw significant money. 

Oleksandr Usyk

The current unified Heavyweight champion and former cruiserweight champion is considered the best heavyweight in boxing and the 3rd best pound-for-pound fighter. 

Canelo Alvarez 

Canelo is the best boxer and the most considerable money draw out there. A near-diety in boxing-obsessed Mexico and a Canelo/Paul fight would break nearly every box office record you could fathom. I don’t see this one happening, frankly, because Canelo is too serious of a star. Plus, he is collecting belts across five divisions. But again, boxing is all about money, so if the price is right (and it definitely could be), it could happen. 

What’s Mike Tyson Doing These Days?

Iron Mike seems like he’s living his best life. He looks to be at peace with himself and the world. He is promoting his Tyson Ranch, a weed farm/resort.

He’s also still training and hitting the bag. His fight with Roy Jones JR in 2020 earned many positive reviews, with many fans impressed with Tyson’s fitness, considering his age and time away from the sport. 

In my opinion, as a boxing fan, I think I want to see this bout. Tyson can still hit hard.

I think he would put the Paul brothers to sleep. And my desire to see that would mean I would for sure buy the PPV.

Are you a fan of Iron Mike Tyson? Should he get back in the ring? Let us know in the comments below.

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