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It’s been one week since the rocker Meat Loaf passed away at the age of 74 after a battle with COVID-19. Now, radio host Howard Stern is issuing a demand to Meat Loaf’s family, calling on them to advocate for COVID-19 vaccines.

Backstory: Rock Icon Meat Loaf Dies At 74 — Fans And Friends Pay Tribute

Stern Says Meat Loaf Was In ‘Weird F**king Cult’

Prior to his death, Meat Loaf was outspoken about masking and vaccine mandates amidst COVID-19, which did not sit well with Stern. 

“Poor Meat Loaf got sucked into some weird f–king cult. And somehow really believed that — he made a statement, ‘I’d rather die a free man than take that vaccine.’ And now he’s dead!” Stern said after his passing, according to Page Six

“I wish the family would come forward and say, ‘Ya know, when Meat Loaf was laying there in the hospital and he couldn’t breathe, he said, ‘I made a mistake,’” he continued. “‘I should have taken the vaccine.’ Like all these anti-vaxxers, they all say, ‘I made a mistake.’”

Meat Loaf’s Comments On Vaccine Mandates

Meat Loaf slammed vaccine mandates in August, when he told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “I hug people in the middle of COVID. I understood stopping life for a little while, but they cannot continue to stop life because of politics. And right now they’re stopping because of politics.”

“Oh, God. We’re being controlled by everybody,” the interviewer replied, to which Meat Loaf responded, “Yeah, I know. But not me. If I die, I die, but I’m not going to be controlled.”

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Stern has previously lashed out at some radio hosts who died of COVID-19 after speaking out against vaccine mandates.

“When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say, you know, ‘It’s mandatory to get vaccinated’?” Stern ranted back in September. “F–k them, f–k their freedom. I want my freedom to live. I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess. I want to go take some pictures.”

Stern Attacks Novak Djokovic

Earlier this month, Stern bashed Novak Djokovic, the top-ranked tennis player who was thrown out of Australia before the start of the Australian Open for not being vaccinated. 

“That f–k-nut … Djokovic. The Joker, I call him the Joker,” Stern fumed. “What a f–king a–hole.”

“The first I’ve heard of this guy is that he doesn’t want to get his vaccine and he’s running around … they should throw him right the f–k out of tennis,” he added. 

While Stern was once known for being a rebellious shock jock, he has since become a devout liberal who dutifully does whatever the government tells him to do. That’s why his stance on those challenging vaccine mandates comes as no surprise. 

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