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In the days since the legendary “Golden Girls” star Betty White passed away at the age of 99, rumors swirled that she died after getting her COVID-19 booster shot. Now, her agent and longtime friend Jeff Witjas is speaking out to debunk these rumors, and to reveal Betty White’s true cause of death.

Agent Squashes Rumors About Betty White’s Death

“I can absolutely, 100 percent say, Betty did not pass because of the booster, she did not pass because of COVID, she never had COVID,” Witjas told Entertainment Tonight. “She passed, with my understanding, of natural causes. Being 99 years old, unfortunately, you know. But there was no outside disease.”

“Betty was a healthy, healthy lady and for those who are trying to start a political conversation about vaccines with Betty White, don’t. It’s not true,” he added. “Betty never had the booster, and that is really it. Period.”

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Another Rumor About Betty White

Another rumor that spread after Betty White died was that she had wanted to have a dress made for her for her upcoming 100th birthday on January 17, but she was unable to carry this out due to her declining health.

Witjas, however, has his doubts about this rumor as well.

“It’s funny, I hadn’t heard that one but Betty was never really into having someone make clothes for her. Betty had her style of clothes,” he explained. “All the pictures will depict that, it was just her style. And there was a dress made for her for one of the award shows, beautiful dress, she wore it, liked it, but she was more comfortable in her own clothes.”

“So I never heard that anybody was gonna make clothes for her,” Witjas continued. “The declining health, I don’t think necessarily that Betty was in declining health. She was a little frail. She wasn’t going to run the mile, you know?”

Jeff Witjas: ‘She Was Basically Healthy’ Until The End

Betty White’s longtime agent Jeff Witjas went on to stress:

“But she was basically healthy. I was over there at the house a number of times and we enjoyed playing gin rummy together. Now I will say, her mind was sharp, her mind was always sharp, and she ticked me off really because she beat me four times…Somebody who is in declining health wouldn’t be able to play gin rummy, honestly, and especially beat me four times.

And as I was leaving, she promised me a rematch. That’s the only thing we’re not going to have. But at least she knows, as I left, she beat me, because we had a very fun, competitive gin rummy game.”

As for what White’s final days were like, Witjas wanted to assure fans that she was comfortable, and that she would be happy with the fact that she passed on at home.

“She really is a homebody, so towards the end of her life, she spent most of her life at home, almost all of it,” he said. “She was very comfortable. It was her home.”

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Did Betty White Know How Loved She Was?

When asked if White was aware of just how beloved she was by Americans everywhere, Witjas replied, “I think she had an idea, but I kept cementing it into her, to be honest, because I would get a lot of emails and calls about her and I would tell her, even during the COVID period, I said, ‘Betty, I am still getting calls for you for offers, the fans are still clamoring for you. You are loved.'”

You are loved indeed, now and forever, Betty White.